Primark Unicorn Makeup Brushes Review

Despite a lot of people complaining about Secret Santa, I was actually very lucky in the fact that I loved my gift! My wonderful teammate Katie and I share a mutual love of Primark and I was lucky enough to get a set of Primark Unicorn Makeup Brushes which I’ve enjoyed using over the past week! I’ll be honest I hadn’t really looked into the makeup brushes at Primark but I’m glad I have these as they’re lovely to use and they have unicorn horn ferrules…

This particular brush set comes with five brushes plus a glittery silver makeup bag which is lovely. I’m not going to talk about pricepoint primarily because it was a gift and it would be rude but also because I can’t find these on the Primark website so you may need to look in store! We were given a ten pound limit so I’m assuming these were around or under that price point as a rough guide.

Starting with the makeup bag this is a small to medium sized waterproof bag with a zip. I have a huge makeup bag with all of my daily makeup in it which I don’t take around with me since it’s so large so this is going to be great for carrying around small items to touch up with such as lipstick, powder and concealer. I like the fact that the glitter is very much glued on and possibly with a coating on it so this won’t shower the inside of my bag with glitter.

Onto the brushes themselves, I’m going to show you each one in turn. Me being me, I don’t actually use them all for their intended use which I will get onto why for each. As an overview, these brushes are super soft, they’re medium density so slightly floppy but not like my Makeup Revolution Powder Brush which is a bit of a pain to use. The ferrules are of course to die for, they are very long which is fine for the face brushes but can be a bit more difficult to work with for brushes like the eyeliner brush but on the whole these are lovely to use and so far I’ve experienced no shedding (though I’m still to wash them.)

Up first we have the Angled Foundation Brush. For me I don’t typically use brushes for my foundation as I find that a sponge works better for me for application but I have tried this with foundation and so far so good! It helped with blending the product out without going streaky, though I did feel that the brush absorbed a lot of the product. As this is a dense brush and has an angled shape I actually use this for contour and it works like a dream. My current contour brush is one by Real Techniques however, it is larger than my cheekbones and the rounded shape makes it difficult to contour with. This hugs my cheekbones, applies the bronzer perfectly and blends nicely too.

Next up is the Angled Contour Brush, I did try this for contour and whilst it is lovely and fluffy it didn’t work well for contouring as it’s far to large for the area that I actually contour. Having said that, this picks up powder products nicely and I’ve really enjoyed using this for blusher this week. I love the whole draping trend and I find that shaped blush looks better on me than bronzer, this is perfect for adding blush higher on my cheekbones and making my face look somewhat sculpted. A lovely brush once again but one that I also use slightly differently.

The Powder Brush is one that I use for its intended purpose and I actually prefer this to my Makeup Revolution Powder Brush so I’m really pleased with this. This is wonderfully fluffy and feels absolutely dreamy and super luxurious on the skin. Had I not known the brand and someone used this on me I would think that this was a high end brush. This does a great job of applying powder and the long ferrule means I go in with a lighter hand making my powder look less cakey. I really love this brush.

The Angled Liner Brush is the one brush in this set that I’m not sure how I will use. I have tried this with liner but the brush is too wide, thick and dense meaning that I ended up with a very chunky line which I didn’t want. This isn’t a problem I’ve just had with this set a lot of brush sets have liner brushes that are far too thick so maybe I’m missing something? Instead I think with will be a good brush for eyeshadow, the sharp angled line of the brush will be great for creating cut creases and sharp edges to eyeshadow so I will likely use it for that. This brush is more rigid than the others and less flexible.

The Concealer Brush is one that I’m kind of on the fence about but for the most part I like. I did use this for my under eye concealer this morning and for larger surface areas this is really nice, I’ve used this also to apply concealer to spots and had no issues. It doesn’t absorb too much of the concealer and the fluffiness of the brush makes blending easy and seamless. The only downside (and this is me being niggly) is that it is hard to use for very small areas such as the inner eye corners but I do have a small concealer brush for that and this is great for larger areas.

On the whole this is a lovely set, I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this and I really love the whole unicorn aesthetic. Thanks again to Katie for such a lovely gift! Unfortunately I can’t link to where to buy these but keep an eye out in Primark stores for these!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried these brushes of any brushes from Primark!

Thanks for reading.


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4 Responses to Primark Unicorn Makeup Brushes Review

  1. stashy says:

    I’ve been so tempted by the cute unicorn and mermaid brushes that are available lately at such affordable prices!
    From your Primark set, I’m particularly drawn to the Powder Brush – it looks like a very useful shape! I do find some angled liner brushes to be too thick – you might have better luck using it to fill in your brows.

    • For sure! I really like this set and I think for the price point the quality is really nice 🙂 I love the powder brush think it’s definitely my favourite! Great idea for the brows I’ll definitely try that thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Nadine says:

    These are so pretty! We don’t have a Primark here but it seems like a wonderful place that has just about everything. I had no idea they sold make-up brushes. Such a cute set for a gift and what a pleasure to get something you love for secret Santa. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for leaving a comment! It’s a huge clothes store that sells clothing quite cheap they do also have their own makeup range which is quite affordable, I was very lucky it’s a lovely set!

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