Eve Taylor Age Resist Range Review

The Eve Taylor Age Resist range is one that both intrigued and unnerved me. If you have been reading my blog you’ll know that I’ve done quite a few reviews of Eve Taylor products, most have disappointed me, one burned my skin and I’m yet to find one that blew me away, so I felt that this range would be no different. Despite this, anti ageing skincare seems to work wonders for me even though I’m only 22, I have to say this range has surprised me…
There are three products that I have to talk about from this range, first we have the Day Cream with Ceramide 3, then we have the Night Cream with Vitamin E and the C+ Brightening Moisturiser. There are more products in this range but these are the three that I have.

Age Resist Day Cream with Ceramide 3 £17.03 (50ml retail)
The main ingredient of this cream is Ceramide 3 which helps to retain the moisture within the epidermis. I agree with the brand that this is medium weight, I’ve felt lighter and I’ve felt heavier, it sank into the skin relatively well and did leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated, it also didn’t move or disturb my makeup. This has a herbal scent due to the presence of herbs such as patchouli, lavender and clary sage. It’s a scent that I could do without but it could be a lot worse. Generally, this did moisturise my face and didn’t irritate. This isn’t something that I felt was groundbreaking, so I personally wouldn’t repurchase, there is other day creams out there that I personally prefer.

Age Resist C+ Bright Brightening Moisturiser £27.59 (50ml retail)
I didn’t expect this to happen but this product was absolutely fantastic and it really blew me away. The pale salmon toned cream has a light fruity scent (most likely due to the presence of Vitamin C) which I found really pleasant. This sank in like a dream which I didn’t expect as a lot of the creams from Eve Taylor have struggled to actually sink in. What surprised me about this is how my face instantly looked radiant. Don’t think shiny or oily but imagine that beautiful healthy glow that just makes your skin look airbrushed. That’s what I had. This is quite expensive but I didn’t even need the entire sachet to cover my face so I think that a little really would go a long way. I would recommend and repurchase, if there’s one product that I’d recommend from everything I’ve tried by this brand it would be this by far, it is amazing!

Age Resist Night Cream with Vitamin E £14.39 (50ml retail)
Back to the herbal scent with the presence of Lavender, this is described as a richer cream that provides nourishment and hydration. I wouldn’t say that this is a thick cream or even very rich but it wasn’t thin or watery like a lotion. This sank into my skin again surprisingly easily which did surprise me. This did leave my skin feeling soft and smooth but I didn’t feel like my skin was especially hydrated. Not a bad product but again nothing groundbreaking.

That concludes this post, the final Eve Taylor products I have will be reviewed next week and then we’re finished with this brand. If you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments if you would give any of these products a go.

Thanks for reading!


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