Jerome Alexander Italian Marble Mineral Blush Review

Admittedly Jerome Alexander is a brand that I haven’t heard too much about, but as far as I’m aware is sold on shopping channels on television. This blusher was given to me by a friend and I have to say I was particularly excited to give it a try, especially as it offers so much more than just a flush of colour.
jerome alexander
So here is the packaging and I have to say that this is very luxurious, the smooth granite coloured packaging is minimalist with the silver logo and the packaging the opens by pushing in a button at the front.
inside blush
So here is the blusher and you may notice several different coloured dots within the blusher. Not only does this blusher add colour but each dot is created to colour correct your face. The green is designed to correct redness, the yellow for blue and purple toned veins and under eye circles and the pink and purple colours to brighten the face. I don’t notice a huge amount of colour correcting but I do love this pale matte colour which adds a lovely pale rose flush to the cheeks.
Here is a swatch of the colour and as you can see it’s ever so paler than my skintone making it stunning on a range of tones but particularly pretty on pale skin, this is a subtle colour although you can build it up.
on me
So here is me wearing the blusher, as you can see it’s a very subtle pink tone that adds warmth to the face and counters redness. This lastsmost of the day and is very pretty and easy to work with, I just swirl a large, fluffy, brush through the powder and it applies evenly, thankfully the different colours do not add green, yellow, or purple to the skin.

Overall I really like this, it’s definitely something unique, but I don’t think it’s gimmicky I actually think this is rather unique. If you have pink undertones to your skin (unlike me) then this can also double up as a face powder.

The range of Jerome Alexander is available here with varying prices for different products, all of them have similar colour correcting properties.

Have you tried any unique colour correcting products?

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Thanks for reading.
love x nina


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