Derma V10 Rescue Oil Review

I’ve not used many body oils in the past but this was something that my boyfriend bought me to deal with scars and stretch marks, I’ve had a surgery fairly recently so I’ve been using this on my surgical scars, I’ve not been using this for very long around a week but I do already have an opinion on it plus my boyfriend has used it previously as well.
derma v 10 rescue oil
So this is the Dermav10 Rescue Oil and it’s a dupe of Bio Oil but much less expensive and just as effective. You can purchase this online from Amazon or Ebay and in wholesale stores such as Poundland and Home Bargains.
The DermaV10 Rescue Oil comes in a clear plastic bottle with writing printed onto it, it does look pretty cheap but we all know that it’s about the product inside the bottle rather than the bottle itself.

The product description is as follows:
Some women can live and love their stretch marks, but many others prefer to find remedies that will help them fade and be smoothed out. One of these remedies is Rescue Oil, which many women have found a godsend, thanks to its ability to soothe and improve the skin, using a specialist blend of natural oils, containing Vitamin E, Evening Primrose oil, Almond oil and Peach Kernal oil.

Although this is targeted at women with stretch marks this is also effective at treating scars that both myself and my boyfriend have realised. I’ve been using this on my scars for a week and I’ve already noticed them look a lot less red and a lot whiter in tone. This doesn’t smell bad at all it doesn’t have too much of a scent at all, it sinks in quite quickly and doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky or anything like that.
The product itself is an orange oil but when rubbed into the skin it disappears and doesn’t leave any stains or marks. My boyfriend used this for a month and he also found that his scars faded massively, this can be applied directly to the skin or into a bath. I’ve also found that this actually works very well as a cuticle oil as well it sorted out all of my raggedy cuticles in no time!

Overall this is a really budget friendly oil that can be used for any scars or stretch marks, I’d repurchase and recommend it and will continue to use it and keep you all posted on it.

The DermaV10 Rescue Oil is available here for £1.00.

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