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June Favourites

So it’s the end of June (where is the time going?) and this month has been a really good month for me for favourites. I’ve been off of University for the summer and I’ve had some time to really shop … Continue reading

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The TMI Tag

Hey everyone, today I’m going to be doing the TMI (too much information) tag, just in case you didn’t guess by the title of this post. I find that when I’m beauty blogging it’s difficult for my personality to come … Continue reading

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Watermelon Nail Art Tutorial

Although my nails are little bitten stubs, (unfortunately I am a nail biter) that doesn’t stop me from enjoying nail art. I’m not the world’s greatest nail artist by a long shot but there’s just something about having cute little … Continue reading

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Alexa Chung Makeup Tutorial

I was reading the latest issue of Glamour Magazine and unsurprisingly Alexa Chung has been voted one of the Women of the Year namely the Entrepreneur. I have to admit I’m pretty impressed with Alexa’s talent as a writer, a … Continue reading

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My Brow Routine

Today’s post is going to be a lot shorter than my usual posts because it is my brow routine. I’ve seen a lot of people on youtube show their brow routines and a lot of them spend absolutely ages with … Continue reading

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A guide to piercings

Today’s post is slightly different, I don’t usually incorperate lifestyle type posts into this blog simply because I wanted to keep in beauty related but I was thinking of skincare and my mind switched to piercings and tattoos. I’ve been … Continue reading

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How to do a french braid

One of the hairstyles that I’m always found to be effortlessly chic is the classic french braid, but for some reason I could never manage to do it…until recently. After several attempts, achy arms, multiple photos, several mirrors and a … Continue reading

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Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon Review

  Now that it’s summer I find myself going for softer lips when I can’t be bothered with a high maintenance lipstick, I personally always like to have a product on my lips but when it’s hot outside I don’t … Continue reading

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50 facts about me

As I run a beauty blog I find myself reading a lot of blogs but unlike youtube I often find that you don’t always get to find a lot out about the person behind the screen who types the blog … Continue reading

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Ten tips to make you more beautiful

When reading beauty blogs or the latest issue of Cosmopolitan it’s easy to get disheartened and feel ugly in comparison to the models and celebrities and worry about how you’re going to afford the latest must have skin product to … Continue reading

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