The Best and Worst of Maybelline

A while ago I decided to round up the best and worst of Rimmel London products and you guys seemed to love it! To date it’s one of my most popular posts so I thought I’d do another one this time rounding up products by Maybelline. I’ve not tried every Maybelline product and this is purely subjective but I hope that you enjoy it anyway.
The Best…
One of the best eye makeup products that I tried is their The Rocket Mascara it has a plastic brush that hooks into my lashes and really helps to lengthen, define and separate. My lashes are very fine, short and get get tangled easily so this mascara is great for helping me sort them out. Another product that I like is the Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner I’m kind of on the fence with this because it does dry out (like any gel liner) but a couple of drops of oil will revive this. It’s super black and creamy but when it sets it’s staying there all day which is exactly what I want from an eyeliner.

The Worst…
Sadly there’s more eye products that I don’t like from Maybelline. Up first is the infamous Colour Tattoos I went through a phase of loving these but they dried up so quickly and ended up flaking everywhere. I was really disappointed with these because I hoped that they’d last a little longer. I also have two mascaras, the Great Lash Mascara was okay but the small brush added time to my makeup routine and it didn’t do enough for me to love it. The Colossal Go Mascara had quite a wet formula and the brush just didn’t work for me it tended to clump my lashes which isn’t something that I go for.

Face Makeup:
The Best…
The Instant Eye Eraser is one of my favourite under eye concealers. This is quite yellow toned but that’s great for me as it colour corrects blue and purple tones under my eyes. This doesn’t crease and lasts a long time. I also really liked the Fit Me Foundation Stick with a moisturising core this hydrates my skin but gave me a little extra coverage to deal with those pesky blemishes. I liked to use this in summer and thankfully it wasn’t too dark for my skin either.

The Worst…
I know that a lot of people love it my mum included but I just couldn’t get on with the Baby Skin Primer I’m not sure what it was but it just didn’t do much for my skin and it didn’t really deal with pores for me either which was a shame. I was also disappointed with the Fit Me Concealer it was pale enough for me but the formula was quite runny and ended up creasing under my eyes which was a shame. Finally I was disappointed by some of their blushers, I had the Dream Touch Blush which just didn’t work for me. I’m quite versatile with blushers but this was difficult to use and to blend which was a shame.

The Best…
Maybelline is one of my favourite brands for lip products, their Coloursensational Lipglosses are amazing. I have the shade Stellar Berry and not only does it smell like Quality Street (the strawberry ones) but it’s not too sticky and the colour is stunning. I also have one of their Coloursensational Matte Lipsticks in Magnetic Magenta it reminds me of Urban Decay’s Anarchy in colour and the formula is so smooth and matte it’s perfect. The Baby Lips both normal and Electro versions are some of my favourite lip balms. They need a little working at the start but they have a fruity scent and they actually work to moisturise my lips. I also have to mention the Colour Drama Lip Pencils these are known for being a dupe of the Nars Velvet Lip Pencils and although I’ve not tried the Nars equivalents the shade Keep It Classy really impressed me, with a creamy and long-wearing formula.

The Worst…
I definitely hated the Coloursensational Lip Stain it’s like a felt tip pen but when I used this it dried my lips out to the point where they were cracking and bleeding and I’d never had a lip product do that to me before. I now avoid all marker style lip stains but I still shudder to remember the effects of this.

The Best…
I think most bloggers will agree with me when I say that the Forever Strong Superstay 7 Day Nail Enamels are absolutely amazing. I have a few shades including the cult favourite Uptown Blue. These last for days on end without chipping, over a glossy gel like finish and come in an array of colours what’s not to love?

The Worst…
The Colour Show Nail Polishes really disappointed me. I had the shade Electric Yellow and not only was the formula lacking and by that I mean that it needed at least three coats, but it also chipped quickly. I now steer clear of this nail range.

That concludes this post, do you like Maybelline as a brand? Let me know in the comments what your best and worst products are and if you enjoyed this please hit the like button!

Thanks for reading.


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