Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad in Purple Haze Review

It’s been a while since I’ve used anything by Avon, as a teenager I remember using a neon pink eye shadow from their Colourtrend range and people thinking that I had Conjunctivis haha! As an adult I tend to forget about Avon which sounds horrible but I think that their accessibility makes it difficult to get hold of them (or it did, now you can go online) and as a result they go unnoticed. I was given this palette a while ago by a friend, it seems to be reformulated or at the least repackaged but if this version is anything to go by then the newer version should be pretty good.
I’m going to start with packaging and I don’t like this one! I just feel that black plastic is a no-no when it comes to packaging and the above photo shows why, this looks very old and battered and I think that Avon can do better to be honest. In terms of price, I’m not sure how much this used to cost but the new version is priced at £9.00.
Inside we have four eyeshadows (as a quad would suggest!) and then a double ended sponge applicator which I’ve thrown somewhere! The shades are all satin shades with a pale white/pink, a lilac, a deep burgundy and a deep moss green. A lot of brands seem to pair a green with purples and it’s something that I personally don’t understand as together they look like a black eye? Personally, I’d prefer another purple shade perhaps a mid-toned purple.

Onto the formula of these and I was veyr impressed, I will admit that the darker too shades have a little fallout but not a single shade is chalky, they actually feel very buttery, soft and creamy and they have the most beautiful sheen to them.
As you can see these shadows have a very rich pigment yet they’re still very blendable. I personally love the satin glow on these shadows, they’re very pretty on the skin and unlike a shimmer I think that these will be wearable for an older audience too. These have a decent staying power too and they don’t crease or smudge around.
In terms of formulation I think that the palest shade could be improved in terms of pigment but it does make a lovely inner corner highlight, I do struggle with the green shade but I think it works on it’s own it can just be difficult to wear but the second lilac shade I absolutely adore.

Overall, this is a decent palette and I was more impressed that I thought I would be, I can’t comment on the newer version which appears to be more matte but if it’s as good as this then I may have to nosy at some of the shades.

The newer version of the Avon True Colour Palette in Purple Haze is available here for £9.00 with the older version being available wholesale.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments what you think of these shades and if you know how you’d mix purple and green let me know!

Thanks for reading.


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