Hair How To’s: How to do Dutch Braids

I’m a huge fan of braids (or as we call them in the UK, plaits) and I love leaning new styles. I’m yet to learn fishtail braids but I can do french braids and I decided to try my hand at dutch braids. The pictures probably won’t be too useful but hopefully this tutorial will help you master the style yourself, it’s versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways and I love it.
Shoutout to Rachel for being my model seeing as my hair isn’t very long!

Step One
Start by brushing through the hair to get rid of any tangles or knots, then using a fine toothed comb (or your fingers if you’re me) the hair into half with a center parting. Section one half out of the way using a clip and then start on the other half. If you’re hair is fine and very shiny and silky or greasy spritz in some dry shampoo to add a bit of grip.
Step Two
step two
Take a section from the front of the head and divide it into three strands, if you’re doing two dutch braids (this tutorial is for two) then you want to pull the strands taut as you braid and pull them up and backwards to get a braid that runs down the side of your head. Like a normal braid we will be crossing the strands over so crossing the left over the middle then the right over the new middle strand (which will be the left one you’ve just crossed) rather than going over and under like a normal braid we will be going under this is key to getting the dutch braid otherwise you will create french braids which are slightly different.
french vs dutch
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As you can see there is a difference between french and dutch braids.
Step Three
step three
Once we’ve crossed under for the first time with both the left and the right strands it’s not time to add hair in, from this point onward before you cross each section under the middle you will add some hair to the strand, this will help your braid grow in length. For a messier look keep the strands loose and feel free to “pancake” which is where you pull on the sides of the braids for a more disheveled look. If you want a neat, intricate look then pull the strands taut each time.
Step Four
step four
Continue braiding as we did in step three, this image shows me adding hair, if you look closely you can see I’m in the process of braiding under as I mentioned earlier.
Step Five
step five
As you braid along the side of the head you should have something that looks like this, if you don’t then don’t worry just keep trying this just takes practice. If you’re braid is looking something like this then keep going. You can see how in this photo Rachel’s hair is reminiscent of the image of a completed Dutch Braid I showed you earlier, remember this is because as I’m braiding I’m crossing the strands underneath the middle section rather than over.
Step Six
Once you’ve added in all of the hair then braid normally, I tend to continue braiding underneath just because it prevents the plait from looking strange halfway down although I didn’t do that in this case. It doesn’t really matter either way. Once you’ve completed this braid secure it with a hair bobble then repeat the process on the other side. By the end you should have something like this. Please note that I only braided one side of Rachel’s hair for this tutorial.
step six
This is the finished look and I absolutely adore it, it’s bang on trend right now with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian rocking this look, so if you haven’t already give it a go, you might just find a new favourite hairstyle!

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3 Responses to Hair How To’s: How to do Dutch Braids

  1. rachelhailesx says:

    Shout out to the fact that I was in my pyjamas at the time and that my hair looks randomly different colours haha! Great post, mainly because it features me like, but this was really informative and you better be willing to braid my hair more often. xxx

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