Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess EDP Review

For the longest time I have wanted to try the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess fragrance. I remember a few years ago smelling it in Boots for the first time and instantly falling in love with the creamy coconut aroma. Annoyingly, this fragrance is modified each year which means that if you fell in love with it a few years ago it will have changed! My lovely boyfriend bought me this as a gift and I’ve been using it non-stop for the past few weeks, as always here’s my thoughts.

Alongside the scent itself, the packaging also changes year on year. This time we have a metallic bronze bottle with a ribbed bronze lid with a blue band. Do I like this packaging? In honesty, not really! Since the packaging is reflective it leaves an absolute ton of smears all over it so it’s hard to keep clean. Having said that, I like the bronze and blue combination it’s very summery! There is an Eua Fraiche version of this I believe but I have the EDP which is £58.00 for 50ml or £82.00 for the 100ml. I think there is a 30ml but it was around £50 so I have the 50ml.

The product description on the Boots website is pretty short, but it reads as follows:
The cult fragrance, now in a captivating Eau de Parfum.
A sensuous, sun-drenched blend of Bergamot, warm Amber, Tiare Flower and Vanilla combined with delicious creamy Coconut.
It’s endless summer.”

The perfume notes are listed on Fragrantica as the following:
Top notes:
Mandarin Orange, Ginger and Lime
Heart notes: Jasmin Sambac, Coconut and Frangipani.
Base notes: Vanilla, Cashmere Wood, Musk and Amber.

This fragrance is not readily available so do bear that in mind. First of all this only comes out in the summer so if you want to buy it in Winter you will not find it in stock. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, this fragrance changes year-on-year so if you do smell it one year and fall in love with it, if you can buy it there and then because you may not have the option to do so later. I’m not about promoting mindless consumerism, but I have to admit it’s a clever (but frustrating) sales and marketing tactic.

Moving onto the potency, this is very strong when you first apply it so you really don’t need to go overboard. As daft as it soudns, I’m not keen on the combination of top notes so I use it a little more minimally anyway. I have noticed though that the more you use at once the worse it smells (in my opinion) so by all means top up through the day but you don’t need eight squirts first thing in the morning.

The fragrance smells quite floral on me, in fact it smells much more floral than I realised when I first smelled it in store and I’m not usually a fan of florals. When I first spray this the strongest note is the lime however, the ginger changes it from being quite zesty to being more floral. As the fragrance settles a little more I can definitely smell the mandarin orange, it’s a note I didn’t originally detect but now I’ve just sprayed this on my arm I can smell it above other notes.

I struggle to smell any Jasmin at all which is a shame as I love that perfume note, again the coconut is more minimal which I’ve disappointed in as I would love it to be more coconutty. As the fragrance unfolds into the base notes I can definitely smell the sweet combination of vanilla and amber – by this point the fragrance has mellowed out into a sweeter, creamier fragrance which I love.

It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact wear time for this, I do find that it lasts longer than a lot of my other perfumes that I have tried, though Juicy Couture does last longer than this. I’d say for a few hours at least I can definitely smell this but any later and I struggle to detect it  – though do bear in mind that you can’t smell yourself easily!

Overall, this is a nice perfume there’s no doubt about it, it’s very summery and I’ve received at least three compliments on it so clearly it’s a popular scent! I am a tad disappointed with the floral overdose this year, for me Bronze Goddess is all about suncream and coconut and I feel liek this perfume doesn’t really tie back to the Bronze Goddess roots.

Would I repurchase? I wouldn’t repurchase this year’s version however, who knows what it will smell like next year! I think for recommendations, I’d definitely encourage you to smell it, if you like floral fragrances I think you will like it.

The Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess EDP is available from Boots, the 50ml version retails for £58.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button! Let me know in the comments if you have tried this – or any previous iterations of Bronze Goddess, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading.

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