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Real Techniques 6 Miracle Sponges Collection Review

When my last makeup sponge inevitably fell to bits I was ready to pickup yet another Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge when I saw this bad boy. A set of six sponges for £19.99? You’d better believe I was all over that! I’ve been a fan of the Real Techniques products for a while but their sponge is a staple in my routine. I’ve only ever tried the Miracle Complexion Sponge before so I’ve been enjoying testing out these other versions, here’s an overview and roundup.

The Real Techniques 6 Miracle Sponges Collection offers six makeup sponges for the price of £19.99 instead of the usual £5.99 per sponge. Since each of these sponges purchase individually would reach £40, I think it’s a pretty decent offer! Packaging is simple a plastic tray holding the sponges with more plastic casing. In honesty, it works but at the same time it’s a lot of plastic usage, and once you’ve opened the set the sponges end up everywhere.

The collection is described on the Boots website as the following:
Create the perfect look with the help of the 6 Miracle Complexion Sponges Set. We’ve combined our three unique Miracle Complexion Sponges to help you create the flawless base for any look.

Miracle Complexion Sponge:
Shaped to create the perfect base and build coverage where needed
Tip: use damp for a dewy glow or dry for a full coverage.

Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges:
These little miracles help sweep away your makeup mishaps with soft, flexible foam that helps pick up any type of makeup; especially around the eyes.
Tip: use damp to blend harsh lines or dry to pick up makeup.

Miracle Sculpting Sponge:
Expertly cut for controlled application and designed to help create shadows or highlight your favourite facial features.
Tip: use damp for a dewy glow or dry for a full coverage finish.

The sponges are different shapes and sizes to be used for different parts of makeup application. To make it even easier they are handily colour coded: orange is the Miracle Complexion Sponge, pink is the Miracle Sculpting Sponge and purple is the Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges.

Miracle Complexion Sponge

The original sponge from Real Techniques that was created in response to the cult Beauty Blender. It is designed primarily for foundation application but can also be used for stippling with cream blushers and bronzers.

This is one of my all time favourite sponges. I’ll be honest I very rarely use the flat edge however, this sponge absorbs more water so it absorbs less foundation which I like for applying product to my face. This is affordable yet extremely high quality, I find it can blend near enough anything and it does last around three months before it needs replacing. This is my favourite sponge in the collection.

Miracle Sculpting Sponge

The Miracle Sculpting Sponge has a very unusual shape, to be honest, I don’t really understand the reason for this shape as it has little purpose and doesn’t benefit my makeup application. Certain parts such as the middle will never touch the face since the larger parts have a wider surface area.

This sponge is designed for bronzer and highlighter but I’ll be honest, this doesn’t work well for me. I want my bronzer to contour the face and for highlighter I like to have shining cheekbones. The rounded shape of this sponge makes creating lines or precision work pretty difficult, especially as there’s more round shape than there is flat surface or point. Having said that, this is a good option if your Miracle Complexion Sponge is looking a little grim (like mine is), I also didn’t mind this for cream blusher and liquid tints, in fact it did a good job of blending those out.

Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge

Of all of the sponges these are my least favourite in the collection. First of all, there is never a situation where I want to pull off makeup from my eyes – in fact that’s the last thing I want! If my makeup looks heavy I’d always rather blend it in that pull it away in lumps so as a concept I don’t really get this.

These follow the exact same shape as the Miracle Complexion Sponge but on a smaller scale, they do fit perfectly under the eye so they are good at blending concealer however, my main issue was that I had to reapply concealer because this kept lifting it away in a patchy fashion rather than blending. Am I sold on this? No not really.

Overall, the collection has a couple of gems in it but to be honest the only one I can see myself using religiously is the Miracle Complexion Sponge and possibly the Miracle Sculpting Sponge. As mean as it sounds, I do feel like the whole sponge hype is getting a bit silly now with sponges available by so many brands. I think with this collection, I don’t see how practical or necessary it is so it does feel a bit like it’s been created more to make up money rather than because you need these individual sponges.

I wouldn’t repurchase the full set but I would repurchase the Miracle Complexion Sponge. As for recommendations, I really don’t think you need this however, it does serve as a nice introduction to the world of sponges to find out which you prefer shape-wise.

The Real Techniques Six Miracle Sponges Collection is available from Boots for £19.99.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried this collection and if you think you would use every sponge – I’d love to know.

Thanks for reading!

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Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess EDP Review

For the longest time I have wanted to try the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess fragrance. I remember a few years ago smelling it in Boots for the first time and instantly falling in love with the creamy coconut aroma. Annoyingly, this fragrance is modified each year which means that if you fell in love with it a few years ago it will have changed! My lovely boyfriend bought me this as a gift and I’ve been using it non-stop for the past few weeks, as always here’s my thoughts.

Alongside the scent itself, the packaging also changes year on year. This time we have a metallic bronze bottle with a ribbed bronze lid with a blue band. Do I like this packaging? In honesty, not really! Since the packaging is reflective it leaves an absolute ton of smears all over it so it’s hard to keep clean. Having said that, I like the bronze and blue combination it’s very summery! There is an Eua Fraiche version of this I believe but I have the EDP which is £58.00 for 50ml or £82.00 for the 100ml. I think there is a 30ml but it was around £50 so I have the 50ml.

The product description on the Boots website is pretty short, but it reads as follows:
The cult fragrance, now in a captivating Eau de Parfum.
A sensuous, sun-drenched blend of Bergamot, warm Amber, Tiare Flower and Vanilla combined with delicious creamy Coconut.
It’s endless summer.”

The perfume notes are listed on Fragrantica as the following:
Top notes:
Mandarin Orange, Ginger and Lime
Heart notes: Jasmin Sambac, Coconut and Frangipani.
Base notes: Vanilla, Cashmere Wood, Musk and Amber.

This fragrance is not readily available so do bear that in mind. First of all this only comes out in the summer so if you want to buy it in Winter you will not find it in stock. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, this fragrance changes year-on-year so if you do smell it one year and fall in love with it, if you can buy it there and then because you may not have the option to do so later. I’m not about promoting mindless consumerism, but I have to admit it’s a clever (but frustrating) sales and marketing tactic.

Moving onto the potency, this is very strong when you first apply it so you really don’t need to go overboard. As daft as it soudns, I’m not keen on the combination of top notes so I use it a little more minimally anyway. I have noticed though that the more you use at once the worse it smells (in my opinion) so by all means top up through the day but you don’t need eight squirts first thing in the morning.

The fragrance smells quite floral on me, in fact it smells much more floral than I realised when I first smelled it in store and I’m not usually a fan of florals. When I first spray this the strongest note is the lime however, the ginger changes it from being quite zesty to being more floral. As the fragrance settles a little more I can definitely smell the mandarin orange, it’s a note I didn’t originally detect but now I’ve just sprayed this on my arm I can smell it above other notes.

I struggle to smell any Jasmin at all which is a shame as I love that perfume note, again the coconut is more minimal which I’ve disappointed in as I would love it to be more coconutty. As the fragrance unfolds into the base notes I can definitely smell the sweet combination of vanilla and amber – by this point the fragrance has mellowed out into a sweeter, creamier fragrance which I love.

It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact wear time for this, I do find that it lasts longer than a lot of my other perfumes that I have tried, though Juicy Couture does last longer than this. I’d say for a few hours at least I can definitely smell this but any later and I struggle to detect it  – though do bear in mind that you can’t smell yourself easily!

Overall, this is a nice perfume there’s no doubt about it, it’s very summery and I’ve received at least three compliments on it so clearly it’s a popular scent! I am a tad disappointed with the floral overdose this year, for me Bronze Goddess is all about suncream and coconut and I feel liek this perfume doesn’t really tie back to the Bronze Goddess roots.

Would I repurchase? I wouldn’t repurchase this year’s version however, who knows what it will smell like next year! I think for recommendations, I’d definitely encourage you to smell it, if you like floral fragrances I think you will like it.

The Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess EDP is available from Boots, the 50ml version retails for £58.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button! Let me know in the comments if you have tried this – or any previous iterations of Bronze Goddess, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading.

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Clinique Love Clinique All About Shadow Trio in Going Steady Review

Every so often, Clinique has a special offer on where if you buy a certain numbe rof items you can receive a free gift. I spot these offers in Boots sometimes and though they are pricey they can be a great introduction to a brand. One of the products I received in a free gift a while ago was this little eyeshadow trio from Clinique. I’ve not tried a lot of Clinique eyeshadows only one of their lid pops which was fairly decent. I do love lilacs so I’ve been putting this to the test this week – here’s my thoughts.

Since this was a free gift I won’t talk about price, the packaging however, is adorable, small, dinky, easy to store and I love the pretty graphics on the front of the case.

You do get a doe-foot applicator within this trio but to be honest I just got rid of mine, I don’t really like those sorts of applicators as they feel scratchy on the lid, don’t pickup product very well and are not great for blending.

The shade selection I do find to be good, often with smaller palettes you sometimes get completely contrasting shades (I’ve had one duo by a different brand that was green and pink once) so all of these shades work well with each other to create a look. There’s no shade names but the right-most shade is great for over the lid, the left most, can be used in the centre of the lid and inner corners and the middle shade can be used in the crease to add depth or on the outer corners.

The left and right shades have a subtle shimmer finish whilst the one in the middle is primarily matte with flecks of silver glitter.

Though the shades are pretty, the palette falls down on pigmentation and texture. First of all these shadows are incredibly dusty, I would have loved a buttery smooth formula that glides onto the lid but this isn’t the case. All three of these shadows require a lot of building and digging into that pan as they are firmly pressed. There’s also fallout.

The pigmentation is also lacking, to get the above swatches I had to pack this on in layers and even then, you can see in the middle swatch that there’s just not a lot to work with in terms of colour pay off. I found that even when I packed these onto the lid, I had to go in repeatedly, three or four times and even then, the look was subtle and the dusty formula made my lids look very textured. Of the three shades, the middle shade is the most pigmented.

These blend out okay but you have to be careful not to blend too much with the paler shades otherwise the colour disappears from the lid. I found the matte shade harder to blend but at least it had more colour.

I didn’t notice anything notable about the longevity, it lasted for a few hours but didn’t stay on all day and within one hour the look had already faded.

Overall, I don’t loathe this, it’s okay for a subtle look but to be honest I am disappointed. From a higher-end brand like Clinique I expected much higher quality and better results, I also found that I had to put in a lot of effort to make these shadows work, when I have had better results from the likes of Rimmel London. Overall, I wouldn’t repurchase this eyeshadow trio or recommend it.

This product was available as part of a gift however, you can find this specific trio floating around on Ebay if you really want to try it for yourself.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried Clinique’s eyeshadows before, do you like them or hate them?

Thanks for reading!




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June Favourites 2018

I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that July is so near, as I’m writing this it feels like the start of June not the end, where has the month gone? This month has been quite busy and intense for me and there’s a few standout products which have made this month more memorable. It’s a shorter one this month but these are all things I’ve really enjoyed, here are they are!

I’m going to start with the beauty products since those are pictured above. A major discovery for me is the Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser, it’s not fully blown my mind but it has certainly impressed me, it’s a great hot cloth cleanser and for a very affordable price. It does the trick and is a pleasure to use.

Sticking with budget picks, I know it’s discontinued but the Seventeen Check & Lip Stain Gel Tint in Perky Pink has been an amazing discovery. It has a dewy fresh finish and the most beautiful flush that looks fresh and healthy. Another beautiful product is the Rimmel London Rita Ora Nail Polish in Go Wild-er-ness it’s a sugary lilac shade that makes me this of spring, flowers and sunshine, it’s affordable but lasts on the nails and looks super pretty.

Finally, on the other end of the spectrum is a high end beauty products and that is the Chanel Dimension De Chanel Mascara, I have a deluxe sample and this really does a fab job with my lashes. After using this my lashes look long but also incredibly full and fluttery.

Onto lifestyle favourites I’ve been watching and reading a lot of things this month! Starting with the things I have watched, I have been watching the Sons of Anarchy on Netflix, it’s a fast paced drama focusing on a biker gang in America. It’s super interesting and I never can predict what will happen next. At the start of the month I was watching a lot of Youtube particularly Soph Does Nails and ThaTaylaa, both of these are really interesting to watch as they cover a lot of beauty but I feel like they’re very transparent and honest which draws me to their videos!

A final watch favourite is The Devil Wears Prada, I rewatched the film as well as reread the book and thoroughly enjoyed both. If you don’t know what the story is about, it’s a young graduate who joins a leading fashion magazine to gain experience and fast-track to her dream job but she quickly realises that her new bosses demands are slowly getting ridiculous and she ends up going from a confident happy person to a stressed, overworked person losing touch with her family, friends and boyfriend. The film and book are both great I’d highly recommend!

One last favourite is another book and that is A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas, it’s a typical urban fantasy novel focusing on the fey which I always find fascinating. I’ve not yet finished this one so far but I’m absolutely entranced by the world that has been created in the novel, if you like those sorts of books definitely give this one a try!

That wraps up this month’s favourites, if you enjoyed this post please hit the like button! Let me know in the comments what you have been enjoying and feel free to link me to your favourites posts!

Thanks for reading.

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Nyx Colour Correcting Primer in Green Review

As someone with naturally red skin on my face, I’m always on the hunt for colour correcting products that can even out my skintone. My sister passed along this colour correcting primer which I was pretty keen to try. I do like Nyx as a brand and green colour correctors are great for red tones, so I thought I’d really like it. Sadly, a week of trialing it has proved that it doesn’t work for me, here’s my full thoughts.

The packaging is pretty simple, it’s a squeezy plastic tube which I find is pretty standard for primers, there’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about it. I do think this is actually pretty expensive for a high street primer though, it’s £9.00 for 30ml, before checking I’d estimated that this would be around the £5.00 mark.

This primer is described as the following:
Airbrush your skin before you leave the house with the amazing NYX Professional Makeup Colour Correcting Liquid Primer. It’s ideal for an all-over touch of colour that’s perfect for warm days when foundation feels too heavy, or as a primer that will ensure your makeup stays put all day.

There are five colours available to help you get the complexion you’re looking for. The green tinted primer helps calm the appearance of red areas, while blue brightens the complexion and gives a gorgeous glow. Peach and yellow will help create an even, neutral tone and are ideal for those wanting coverage for all colours. Feeling pale and washed out? The pink correcting primer is great for adding a healthy flush of colour.”

The primer doesn’t have any noticeable scent to it but it is very green. Though this may sound obvious, my favourite colour correcting primers don’t have too many colour pgiments. For example, my favourite Clinique Redness Solutions is white with a greenish tinge however, an old No7 Rosy Skin Primer was like this and it was too green. This doesn’t contain any shimmer or glitter but does have a dewy look to it which I like.

The first thing I notice when applying to this face is the way this applies. The texture feels like a light lotion which is fine however, when I apply this over my face I find that it doesn’t feel like it’s sinking into the skin, instead it kinda of smears over my skin and then gathers in areas like my jawline which I really dislike.

What I really dislike about this primer though is how it tints the skin green – I’m serious. When I apply this over my skin I try to concentrate on my super red areas however, the primer glides over those and doesn’t colour correct. It then sits along my jawline and leaves a slight greenish tint to the skin. I even found that under full coverage foundation this left my skin looking very pale with a greenish tinge so I actually looked like a zombie!

Overall, I really dislike this, I wanted to like it and on the surface it seems like a decent product but the tinge and the way it sits on the skin really just doesn’t work for me at all, I actually found that it was better to not use this than it was to use it which says it all! Personally, I wouldn’t repurchase this and I wouldn’t recommend it either.

The Nyx Correcting Liquid Primer in Green is available from Boots for £9.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these colour correcting primers from Nyx, alternatively if you do know of a great colour correcting primer please let me know! I’ve heard great things about the Stila One Step Correct.

Thanks for reading!

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Rimmel London Precious Stones Nail Polish in Diamond Dust Review

Despite being a huge nail polish lover, I will admit that I very rarely use glitter nail polish. Let’s be honest, it’s difficult to remove! Having said that, I went to a Christmas work event in December with formal attire, since I was wearing black I wanted something else a little more than a simple black nail polish. Enter this one by Rimmel London, here’s my thoughts on the Precious Stones Nail Polish in Diamond Dust.

The packaging matches the rest of the Rimmel London nail polishes, it’s a clear glass bottle with a black plastic lid. I do often find with Rimmel polishes that the lids are way too tight and often difficult to open, but aside from that it’s fine. What I like about this one is that you can see the sparkles in the polish which was what drew me to it! This is an affordable polish at only £3.99.

Rimmel London describe this polish as the following:
WHAM! BAM! GLAM! Are you ready to get the London look, festive style?
This is not your everyday top coat! This is high coverage glitter nail polish! Supercharged with sparkles, you can add some glitz on top of your chosen colour, OR you can go full on glam and turn your nails in to dazzling gems with two coats! You have total control over your nail designs. With two gorgeously glitzy shades to choose from – Ruby Crush and Diamond Dust – you can bet you’ll be the glitterati of your party in no time. All the gems you’ll need for the party season, and right at your fingertips!

Starting with the brush, this is one of those wider brushes which I do like. Rimmel London’s brushes are not always cut very neatly however, I haven’t had any issues with the brush splaying. I have noticed that the brush is fairly short, additionally this glitter polish feels thicker than the average polish as well as turning gloopy quicker.

One thing I really like about this polish is the coverage. Now I don’t agree that two coats will be fully opaque, in fact when I applied this alone I found that it needed a lot of coats and even then looked patchy. Having said that, this isn’t a clear polish with glitter, it’s a gunmetal grey with a lot of glitter which I really like.

I actually applied this over black nail polish, the black nail polish provided a base however, the main colour you can see on my nails is the glitter polish, as you can see the sparkle is quite obvious which I really like. The downside to the glitter is that after a few days the polish looked quite dull, the sparkles were still there but no glossy finish.

I also found that this chipped relatively quickly, within two days this was chipping off my nails, I also found (unsurprisingly) that my nails were splitting a lot. The splitting isn’t necessarily a reflection of this polish however, I did find that wearing a glitter polish has damaged my nails more than a regular polish.

Overall, I do like this, it’s a nice addition for events however, I don’t think it’s something I’d repurchase since I’m not much of a glitter wearer. Having said that, if you are a fan of glitter polish I’d look into this one, it does the trick and it is nicer and more interesting than a clear polish with a little bit of glitter.

The Rimmel London Precious Stones Nail Polish is available from Boots for £3.99.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you wear a lot of glitter polish and if you have tried any of the polishes from this range.

Thanks for reading!

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