The “My Lips But Better” tag

This year has definitely been the year of “my lips but better shades” and so I thought it would be fun to do this tag. I am going to say this now, my lips can be quite pigmented so I’m not just going to be going for nude or stereotypical 90s shades, the shades that I have for you are shades that offer a sheer wash of colour or are very similar in tone to my lips, there will be a range so I hope that you enjoy this post.

Disclaimer: For some reasons the photos look more pink in the photos than they are in reality, particularly with the last photo.
Fuschia Lip Lacquer in Love Affair
This is a lip lacquer by Irish Cosmetics brand, Fuschia Makeup. This lip lacquer is lovely, it settles on the lips and stays on for a long time and the formula is comfortable to wear, no bleeding or smudgy. This shade is similar to the 90s lip as a muted pink but is more pink than brown in tone.
natural collection
Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Raspberry
I’m yet to fully review this but this is a natural pink looking lipstick. This is warm in tone unlike the cooler turned lip lacquer and is what I would describe as a mid-toned pink. It’s not a bright pink nor is it a nude but sits quite nicely on the pinkish side of natural. I love these lipsticks and their moisturising formula and cannot recommend them enough.
Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in Natural Beauty
This is probably my every day “my lips but better” shade and is more of what you would expect for this tag. This is lighter than the likes of Velvet Teddy by Mac but is similar maybe a tad warmer. This is a muted pink that leans towards having the brown-nude sort of hue. I love this for every day it’s subtle but really is quite pretty.
No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Classic Rose
This is quite similar to the Essence lipstick but is more pigmented and has a more rose hue to it, this is really comfortable to wear and for my lips which are quite pigmented this is quite classic compared to the shades that I usually wear (think bold lips like pink and purple). I love this shade and it’s a great every day lipstick, I just wish it lasted a little longer on the lips. Note this does have a very silky formula, no drag and no dryness with this one.
Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in Keep it Classy
This is another product on my “need to review” list but I can already tell that it’s going to be a winner. This is a deep raspberry shade which isn’t too dissimilar for my lips, but is darker than most of the other lipsticks I’ve mentioned. I think this is a great transitioning shade from summer to autumn for when I want a classic MLBB lip shade.

That concludes my little roundup I really enjoyed this tag and wish there were more like it, I find product based much more fun! If you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments what some of your favourite ‘my lips but better’ shades are!

Thanks for reading.

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Products I’ve fallen in love with

Although it was only in December that I published my yearly favourites, since I started my blog back in 2014 it’s safe to say that I’ve found so many amazing products along the way and so I thought it was time for an update. Here are some products that I’ve fallen in love with recently (by that I mean the past few months), of course this may change by the time my yearly favourites rolls around this year but these are products that I’ve fallen in love with, I hope you enjoy this post.
products love
Athena’s Treasures Bio Olive and Silk Protein Hair Mask:
This was a gift from Rachel from when she went away to Greece and it’s absolutely amazing. I’m not a fan of olives tastewise or scentwise but this mask is seriously amazing and it smells so good, definitely a firm favourite for me.

Aussie Miracle Recharge Moisture Lightweight Leave in Conditioner:
So far this is amongst the best when it comes to products to help moisturise my hair, I love the scent of this (Australian Macadamia Nuts mmmm) and it really helps to nourish my hair.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation:
I wasn’t sure if I would like this, it always seemed to be a foundation I overlooked and I thought that the Match Perfection from Rimmel London was unbeatable but this is amazing. It makes my skin completely flawless without being too matte or too dewy, I’m a big fan.

W7 Honolulu Bronzer:
Hailed as a dupe for Benefit’s Hoola, I had high expectations for this and it really is a brilliant product. My old bronzers barely get a look in anymore because this really helps to chisel out those cheekbones, much love for this.

Maybelline The Rocket Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara:
I like most mascaras but I can tell when one is extra special and this is msot definitely it. This lengthens and volumises and the waterproof formula means it stays in place all day until I remove it with cleanser. Thumbs up for this.

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm in Pink Shock:
My favourite lip balm at the moment, this smells great, moisturises my lips, plus it adds a gorgeous bold pink tone to the lips. The Baby Lips are quite inconsistent with some being too drying (such as the shade Pink Punch) but this along with Cherry Me from the original range work wonders for me.

Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toning Water:
I’ve used toner for a long time but it never excited me until this, this is simply amazing, it feels refreshing, smells great and helps to tighten the pores without making my entire face feeling tight or irritating, plus the bottle has already lasted me a good threee months.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser:
This is honestly like a dream, it feels luxuriously cooling and creamy on the skin and it gently removes makeup leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth like a baby’s bottom. I’ve used up mine but I really need to repurchase as this is one of those products that you get addicted to once you try it.

Versace Bright Crystal Absolu Perfume:
My new favourite scent, this is just a beautiful fragrance that’s sweet and fruity with floral in all rolled into one. I don’t know how you did it Versace but please keep going because this is absolutely stunning and has become my signature scent.

Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish in Rollercoaster:
I’m so hooked on my beloved Barry M Gelly Hi Shine’s that I didn’t think I’d discover a new formula that I loved but these polishes by Essence are incredible. This one’s a beautiful shade of green perfect for spring and summer and I absolutely adore it.

Maybelline Superstay 7 Day Nail Polish in Uptown Blue:
This hasn’t quite replaced the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Blueberry but they are on part with each other, this shade is stunning, the gel formula is stunning plus they last for ages without chipping and I don’t have to use a topcoat. Thanks Maybelline.

So they are the products that I’ve fallen in love with and I’m so excited and happy to have discovered some new products. If you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments which products you have fallen in love with.

Thanks for reading.


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Natural Collection Nail Polish in Cosmic Crush Review

As a hoarder of nail polish I’m always looking to add more to my collection and despite having a lot of polishes that are similar in colour that didn’t stop me from picking up the shade Cosmic Crush by Natural Collection, here’s my verdict.
The polish itself is quite pretty, the colour is nice and I like the cute bottles with the simple logo, the bottles are quite small but the polishes only cost £1.99 so I can forgive that.

The formula is quite thin, I required two coats and I wasn’t fully pleased with the finish but I am used to richer, thicker and creamier formulas that go on perfectly with one or two coats. The brush is quite thin and small so this does take a bit more of an effort, personally I would say that a fatter brush would work better.

The colour itself is really pretty, it’s another rich purple but what can I say? This did chip relatively quickly btu I didn’t use a top coat so I could test it properly, I would say that this lasts between one and two days but a good top coat will make it last longer.
natural collection polish on me
Overall this polish is one that I would call average, I wouldn’t repurchase or buy another polish from the brand (unless it was a really stunning colour) simply because I tend to prioritise a better formula. Having said that there is some pretty muted and pastel shades so we will see if I stick to that or not!

The Natural Collection Nail Polishes are available here for £1.99 and are exclusive to Boots.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button. Have you tried anything by Natural Collection? Let me know in the comments. I quite like their lipsticks, blushers, eyeshadows and clear mascara.

Thanks for reading.

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Empties #9

An empties post is way overdue and let me tell you I have a lot of products to get through. As usual here’s a list of products I’ve used up, a mini review and whether or not I would repurchase.
Beauty Formulas Rejuvenating Mud Mask
I quite liked this, it was definitely good for controlling oil and helping to reduce breakouts.
Repurchase? Yes
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
Literally the best cleanser I’ve ever used, I was sad to use this up. This left my skin beautifully soft and feeling clean I definitely need another one.
Repurchase? Yes
ESPA Optimal Pro Cleanser
I do like this although for me its more of an exfoliator with the gritty texture of it, I’m not sure if I can justify the price though, I’d use it again but I think it’s a bit expensive for what it is.
Repurchase? No
La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+
I really didn’t expect to like this as much as I do but it worked wonders on the cystic acne type spots I had on my chin. I’m nearly out of my last sample size of this so may just have to invest in the full sized product.
Repurchase? Yes
Body Shop Silky Camomile Cleansing Oil
This lasted me ages almost nine months! I quite liked this it removed every scrap of makeup without stripping my skin it also worked on waterproof makeup, a great all rounder.
Repurchase? Yes

Sanex Original Dermo Extra Control Roll on Deodorant
I love this alcohol free deodorant from Sanex, it really works, smells great (more of a masculine scent but I do love it) and it keeps me smelling fresh all day without irritating my sensitive skin.
Repurchase? Yes
Mitchum Advanced Oxygen Unscented 48hr Deodorant
I really don’t get the hype about this despite being ‘unfragranced’ it smelled like old cereal and old milk which was vile, also it ended up giving me an allergic reaction. I didn’t like this and ended up buying a new one.
Repurchase? No
The Body Shop Glazed Apple Body Butter
I loved this, it smelled incredible like apple laces and was so nourishing, the only downside is that it’s not available now as it was limited edition. If it came available again I’d possibly repurchase but for now I’ll say no as I really want the Pink Grapefruit scent.
Repurchase? No (but possibly if it became available)
Boots Paradise Shores Body Spray
The nicest body spray I ever did smell. This has red fruits in it and with a base of vanilla. Very fruity and very nice. I can’t get enough and may or may not have purchased three more cans.
Repurchase? Yes

So…Lovely Dry Shampoo
I didn’t mind this but it did have more white cast than I’m used to. I did go and purchase a different Batiste one as I’m hooked but I didn’t mind this. I’d use it if there was no others available.
Repurchase? Possibly
Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Detangling Spray
I literally go through bottles of this stuff, it really is a great detangling spray, so much that my boyfriend uses this as well. This is a must for girls who struggle with knotty hair.
Repurchase? Already have
Aussie Dual Personality Coloured Hair Protection and Shine Serum
This lasted my a solid eight months which is pretty impressive, this was okay but I found it a tad runny for my liking, I do prefer the leave in conditioner by Aussie that I’m using now.
Repurchase? No

Avon Morph Tones in Range of Rose
This was okay I did like it but I ended up throwing it because I’d nearly used up the highlighter and I have a ton of blushers. This is discontinued now I believe but I wouldn’t have repurchased as I found the cream products to drag on the skin and they sometimes shifted my base makeup.
Repurchase? No
Natural Collection Lash Care Mascara
I haven’t completely used this up, but I’ve had it for a few months so I thought it would be smarter to throw it. This is a clear mascara that I use for setting my brows, my brows aren’t massively unruly so it’s not a necessity but it did the trick.
Repurchase? Yes
Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Waterproof Mascara
I really liked this mascara, the brush worked well for my lashes and this stayed on all day without being an utter pain to remove.
Repurchase? Yes
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation
I really loved this foundation it gave me long lasting coverage, made my skin look absolutely flawless and it matched my skintone perfectly. This has definitely made it into my top foundations from the drugstore.
Repurchase? Yes
Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in Endless Purple
I found these to really dry out quickly and ended up giving away two or three, I did use this up but I found them to crease on their own so I wouldn’t repurchase.
Repurchase? No
Lancome Eyelash Curlers
These are good but I’ve had them more ages and the pads are broken on them, I did like them but I would only pay more for the infamous Shu Uemura ones, at the moment I have some French Connection ones which are great.
Repurchase? No
Fuschia Makeup Candlelight Highlighter (mini)
I did really like this but I have so many highlighters at the moment I don’t think I’ll be getting this especially as it’s from Ireland so it’s not readily available to me, unless I purchase online. It was a nice product though.
Repurchase? No
Seventeen Stay Time Concealer
I did enjoy this but I think I prefer the Collection Lasting Perfection and I have a few others to try so I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this again. I would use it though and would buy it if I was out of concealers.
Repurchase? No
Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner (Sample)
I didn’t get on with this, I found it hard to control and the liner to be quite dry, I know that a lot of people love it but it’s not for me.
Repurchase? No
Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Bitch Perfect (Sample)
I only had a sample of this but the colour was okay, I didn’t feel bowled over by it so I wouldn’t repurchase, I do have my eye on a few Charlotte Tilbury products though.
Repurchase? No

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Blueberry
I really love this and it is my all time favourite nail polish so I’m sad that I’ve used it up but I will be repurchasing this as it’s a holy grail item for me.
Repurchase? Yes
Superdrug Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover
This is a bog standard nail polish remover, it’s nothing fancy it just does the job, to me they’re all the same (expect the Acetone free formula which was terrible).
Repurchase? Already have
Elegant Touch Press On Nails in Coral
I hated these nails, the came off too easy and my hair got caught in them a lot if I wear false nails I much prefer the glue on ones.
Repurchase? No

So that rounds up my empties and as you can see I’ve used up a lot! If you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments which products you have used up.

Thanks for reading.

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August Favourites

It’s the end of the month again and what better way to mark it with another favourites post? I have a smaller amount this month I’ve been relying on a lot of old favourites and I’ve been incredibly busy as well as having things go off in my personal life so I’ve not tried as many new things, but what I have got this month are all products I love, so I hope you enjoy the post.
August faves
I have a couple of haircare products that I’ve enjoyed using this month. First up is the Athena’s Treasures Bio Olive and Silk Proteins Hair Mask this is a greek product that was gifted to me from Rachel and I really love it. It smells lovely, and leaves my hair incredibly soft and nourished. I’m also going to be dyeing my hair again at some point but I’ve been locking in the moisture and the Aussie Miracle Recharge Moisture Lightweight Conditioning Spray has been a joy to use. This smells incredible like macadamia nuts and it’s really helps to add moisture to end ends of my hair. Love it.

I have one skincare favourite and that is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + I’ve had a couple of sample sizes of this and it’s really helped to reduce ordinary stress spots and it’s worked wonders for combatting the deep under skin cystic acne type spots. I was a bit skeptical of this but it really is a good product and it’s been greatly appreciated this month.

One makeup favourite is an old favourite and that is the Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer I needed something just to tide me over concealer wise and I forgot how good this is. This conceals dark circles, spots and generally works well on my skin. I really like this and it’s stopped me from looking so sleep deprived gaining a thumbs up from me.

My first random favourite is a fragrance and it’s the original green, DKNY Be Delicious Apple Perfume, this is fruity and floral and is a lovely light scent that I’ve been wearing none stop this month. I really do love this, it’s a beautiful scent and is so refreshing and lovely to use when it’s warm.

I’ve also been really enjoying Jill Mansell Novels when times are tough a good chick-lit always makes me smile and I’ve powered through at least three of her books this month. She has a great, relaxed style of writing that is both realistic and entertaining, if you love a good girly book then you should definitely check her out.

Sadly I don’t have any blogger/vlogger favourites this month as I’ve been so busy I’ve just not had the time to watch youtube videos or catch up on blogs *insert sobbing face here * but I do intend to work on having some more free time and have a good catch up with a cup of tea.

That concludes this favourites post, short and sweet and on we go to September! I hope everyone had a good August and if you enjoyed this post please hit the like button. Let me know in the comments what your favourites have been.

Thanks for reading.

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High Fashion Summer Trend Inspired LOTD

I’ve been keeping tabs on the high fashion brands and at the beginning of summer I noticed a makeup pattern emerging in which designers were sending models down the runway wearing the same sort of makeup – bold blue eye makeup and nude lips I thought that this was a cool look and a combination I hadn’t tried before. As it happens I love it, so here’s my LOTD and what I’m wearing.
Eye Makeup:
GOSH Velvet Touch Liner in Sky High
: I used this as an eyeshadow base and I’m wearing it along my waterline and lower lash line for a pop of blue. I love this creamy liner, it has great longevity, pigmentation and it’s creamy, everything I want in an eyeliner.
Essence 3D Eyeshadow in Iressistible Summer Sea: I used the darker shade across my lid and the paler shade in the inner corners to brighten the eye. I’ve declared my love of this eyeshadow before so I don’t think I need to say any more.
Rimmel London Wonderfull Wake Me Up Mascara: I picked this up just out of intrigue but I’m not convinced. The formula is very wet and clumps lashes easily which is a pain and it transfers and isn’t waterproof on the bright side it smells like cucumber.
Makeup Revolution Dual Arch Brow Shape: This has been my go-to brow product this month mainly because I’ve been rushed and exhausted and it’s great for lazy girls, seriously I do love it though, the felt tip is great for filling in and shaping and the pencil isn’t too waxy. I prefer this over Archery by Soap and Glory and it’s a fraction of the price.

Face Makeup:
Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation in Fair: I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a tad dark for me, but it’s summer and I’ve nearly used this up so I’m making it work, it’s does have good coverage though but it seems to oxidise through they day which I hate.
Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in Fair: I love this concealer another H.G (holy grail) and quite possibly one of my all time favourite concealers. Reliable and a great colour match this deals with redness, blemishes and under eyes without looking cakey, thanks Collection.
W7 Bronzer in Honolulu: Just a tad of contour just to help to sculpt the face but nothing major, I also decided to not use powder for a change and my face looks pretty dewy and glowy.
MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter in Pink Shimmer: Just a small amount of this on my cheekbones, with the heavier eye makeup I wanted a lighter face, this subtle highlight helps to emphasise my cheekbones in a subtle way. Love it.

Lip Makeup:
MAC Lipstick in Pure Zen: One lip product and that’s MAC Pure Zen Lipstick, this is my signature nude and go to nude lip, I rarely go nude on the lips but when I do it’s with this lipstick and this lipstick only. I love the scent (mmm vanilla), the creamsheen formula is comfortable to wear and the colour actually suits my olive skintone.

That’s it for this LOTD quick, easy and chic I quite like this and it didn’t take long to do either, what do you guys think?

Thanks for reading.


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Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water Review

At the beginning of summer I went shopping wit my boyfriend and stumbled across a LUSH store. Lush is a brand that I’ve wanted to try for a while now so I decided to give the Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water a try after running out of my other toner.
Starting with the packaging which I love. The graffiti style is really cool and although most might find it boring it’s also recyclable which is always a bonus for me. I got the 250g size which was £7.50 but they also do 100g for £4.25.

The product description is as follows:
“The sea breeze captured in a bottle. A refreshing spray to tide you over. Great for use any time throughout the day as a pick-me-up for skin and mind.”

The ingredients list is also as follows:
Spring water, fresh sea water, fair trade organic aloe vera gel (aloe barbadenis), perfume, carrgeenan extract (chrondus crispus), rose absolute, (rosa damascena), pathcouli oil (pogostemon cablin), rosemary oil (rosmarinus officinalis), seaweed absolute (fucus vesiculosus), limonene*, linalool*, methylparaben.
*occurs naturally in essential oils.

This isn’t the best thing in the world as it does contain parabens and perfume but I do suffer with extremely sensitive skin and I can honestly say that this doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I would actually agree with the product claims this really does smell like sea air but without the stench of fish!

I like to use this on my skin after cleansing and I do feel like it’s very refreshing and helps to tone my skin by closing the pores, thankfully this doesn’t make my face feel tight or itchy and I find that despite containing salt from the sea this definitely does not dry out my skin, if anything it’s very soothing.

This is a spray so you can put it onto a cotton pad or apply straight to the face, I like to spray this directly onto my face and then if there’s any excess I’ll just rub it in with my fingers, one thing to be wary of is that this is a powerful spray which took me by surprise at first but I’m gotten used to it now.

This is also nice for when it’s very hot as it’s cooling and soothing and it smells lovely, I honestly love this and regard it as my holy grail, all time favourite toner which is a big claim.

Overall I love this and would definitely recommend it, I’d also repurchase but thankfully this bottle is lasts for ages so it looks like I’ll be good for a while.

The Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toning Water is available here for £4.50 or £7.50 dependent on size.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried this.

Thanks for reading.

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