John Frieda Frizz Ease Spray Gel Review

After raving about the John Frieda Frizz Ease Styling Spray previously, I was really excited to try another John Frieda product and the one that I had left to try was this spray gel. I used to use a lot of hair gel in school to deal with baby and flyaway hairs, but I’ve never tried using gel to create my own curls so I was intrigued to how it would work, here’s my thoughts.
spray gel
So this is the frizz ease spray gel, you’re supposed to apply it to damp hair and then mould your curls into a style and the idea is that they will dry like that. I’ve done the pencil trick and things like that and I do have natural curls but I like products that really banish frizz and help to define them without product buildup. I’ve not sure how much this cost as it was a gift and I can’t find it online for sale (other than Ebay and Amazon) and to me the packaging is pretty standard (this is old packaging).

So did it work? Well the process to me was relatively simple, my hair was already curly so I applied the gel to sections and got twirling until I had the curls that I wanted, but unfortunately this product was a huge disappointment to me.
on me
Just from this picture you can see that my hair looks pretty limp, with this I struggled to create texture which is one of the key things I look for when defining my curls, the gel dried quickly and was hard to distribute through the hair making it challenging to mould my hair to how I wanted it to look.

The product had a really gross smell, very plastic like and not pleasant to the nose at all. I also found that the gel felt very heavy on the hair and quickly dried into crispiness, my hair felt stiff and uncomfortable and when I tried to brush it out even with detangling spray it dried out my hair, left my hair and scalp feeling sore and it took two washes to remove the product buildup.

Sadly, I’m really disappointed with this, I actually binned it rather than passing it on simply because of how it left my hair, I’ve tried a lot of frizz products for curly hair but this was probably one of the worst if not the worst that I have ever tried, I was incredibly disappointed and I wouldn’t recommend or repurchase it.

The John Frieda Frizz Ease Spray Gel is available on Ebay and Amazon.

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