Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit in Runway Review

I’ve quickly become a fan of liquid lipsticks now that I’ve gotten past those formulas that suck every bit of life out of your lips. I remember when the Kylie Lip Kits came out and everyone went wild but I just didn’t want to pay those prices especially with customs on top, I remember being really excited when Barry M brought these lip kits out and for good reason – they’re fantastic. I have the shade Runway to show you after testing it out for a week.

Starting with the packaging I like how compact this is, inside the slim square box we have a lip liner and the liquid lipstick all packaged neatly, it’s easy to store and it’s not overly bulky which I like, I also notice the matte finish – a nod to the formula. These are really affordable at £6.99.

Before getting into my thoughts I thought I’d share the product description as seen on Boots: “Reach pout perfection with the Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Paint and Liner. In 3 gorgeous, statement shades, its non-drying, ultra-long wearing formula is easy to apply and will leave lips with a gorgeously bold finish. Each kit comes with a matte liquid Lip Paint and Lip Liner.”

(Initial application)

Currently there are eight shades available and I have Runway which is a medium berry shade. I’ll be honest I’m not overly impressed with the shade selection, I really don’t like brown lips and so many of the shades pull exceptionally nude or very brown toned so if Runway hadn’t been in this selection I probably wouldn’t have bothered with these.

Having said that Runway is a beautiful shade, I also really like how similar the lip liner and liquid lipstick are. The lip liner is lighter than the liquid lipstick however, that works so you don’t have an obvious outline.

Onto the texture of the products, the lip liner goes onto the lips easy enough and it’s a good middle ground between creamy and dry. It doesn’t glide onto the lips and does have a bit of drag but I think that’s good, it’s this slight dryness that allows it to stay on the lips and it’s not so dry as some other lip liners I’ve tried. I do feel that the lip liner is a must, thought the liquid lipstick is good, it does feather at the edges so the liner is essential to prevent bleeding with this.

The liquid lipstick is increidbly impressive, fruity scent aside (htough that’s an excellent bonus) this is eays to apply with the formula not being too runny or thick. This is a more runny formula than something like a lip cream however, once it dries down it sets fully matte.

Once it is matte it stays on the lips for at least a couple of hours, I usually put it on, reapply after around fifteen minutes and then manage to go for between three and five hours before needing to top up, I did test it on one day and got seven hours of wear before needing to top up and that included eating and drinking so staying power is excellent.

(Dried down application)

What I also like is how flexible this is, in the past liquid lipsticks have fallen into two categories, either they never fulyl dry down matte or they dry down to be fully matte and end up sucking the life out of your lips, they’re extremely drying and your lips feel stiff. With this product there’s neither, we have the full matte finish and you can still press your lips together, move them and not have to worry, it’s a comfortable matte which is exactly what I want.

(Wearing Barry M Matte Lip Kit in Runway)

Overall, these have blown me away, I had low expectations due to the low prices but I’d say this is probably the best liquid lipstick formula I’ve tried which really is saying something! I would highly recommend you check this range out particularly the shade Runway, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for any new shades – hint hint Barry M!

The Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit in Runway is available from Boots for £6.99.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these lip kits, do you like liquid lipsticks and if so which ones are your favourites?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This one looks great, I hate super drying liquid lipsticks!

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