Superdrug Cherry and Macadamia Body Butter Review

As someone who is prone to dry skin I love a good body butter. I’m not too big on lotions as I often find them too thin and runny in texture, sticky and not very moisturizing but after a long shower or bath I love nothing more than a good moisturizing session. I’ve tried a few different body butters namely by the Body Shop and Soap and Glory but I spotted this in Superdrug and thought that it sounded too good to miss out on, also this is also vegan for those of you against animal testing.
superdrug body butter
I really like the packaging of this body butter, it’s in a pale pink plastic tub with a large sticker on the lid with the logo and images of cherries and macadamia nuts. The colour scheme is very uplifting and I love how simple yet effective it is. This body butter is super budget friendly at £3.99 – perfect if you find the ones by the Body Shop or Soap and Glory a little expensive for everyday use.

The product is described by Superdrug as the following:
“This sumptuous Cherry and Macadamia body butter has a delicious fruity scent and a rich and creamy texture, which melts quickly into the skin upon application. Enriched with Black Cherry Fruit Extract, which is naturally high in antioxidants and ultra-moisturising Macadamia Oil. This body butter will help protect and deeply hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling silky soft, supple and smelling gorgeous.”

To my nose this body butter smells exactly like cherry yoghurt it’s very cooling and soothing and I’ve wanted to eat it more than a few times it smells that good! This sinks into the skin in no time, keeps my skin very moisturised and the smell lingers.

I’ve found this to be soothing on my eczema and it’s also soothing for things such as razer burn, this one tub has lasted me for months on end and for only £3.99 it’s such a bargain. I also like how it’s all natural meaning that it’s great for a range of skin types.

Overall, I really like this I have my eye on the matching body scrub for £4.99 and I’d definitely repurchase and recommend this. If you love the scent of cherries then give this a try!

The Superdrug Cherry and Macadamia Body Butter is available here for £3.99.

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