Maybelline Colour Drama Lipstick in Keep It Classy Review

I love a good dupe and when Maybelline released their Colour Drama Lip Pencils and bloggers started comparing them to the Velvet Matte and Velvet Satin Lip Pencils by Nars I got quite excited. I decided to opt for a shade that didn’t seem my usual colour of choice and I have to say I have a lot of opinions on these, here’s my thoughts.
The packaging is relatively sleek and compact, not too much to say as it is a pencil, one thing I do wish that Maybelline had done was to include a sharpener in the lid or make these retractable. I do have a few sharpeners but let’s be honest product wastage occurs, plus if your sharpener isn’t right it can damage the product, I’m not sure if this will fit the jumbo size of my sharpener so that may be an issue. Having said that these are still much cheaper than Nars and are priced at £4.99.
The colour Keep It Classy appeared to be almost a 90s lip look in the actual pencil but it swatches and wears as a deeper raspberry colour which I quite like. The colour is very rich and pigmented and is nice and creamy, it’s not so creamy that it’s slippery but it does glide onto the lips.

I’m very impressed with the formula of these as well, they wear away evenly but have a good staying power, they have the perfect balance between dry and creamy, as mentioned above they were comfortably they don’t drag, feather, smear or bleed which I quite like, but they’re not fully matte. These do offer a rather glossy looking satin finish but if you prefer more of a matte look simply press your lips together a few times to help it settle.
on me
These are easy to use and one of my favourite things is that they smell yummy, I can’t quite place the scent but when I have this on my lips I do get a whiff of what smells like strawberries and cherries which is very nice. I also like the colour range and struggled to choose in store, there’s some lovely colours and providing that sharpening isn’t a problem I think I will end up picking more of these up.

Overall I’m very impressed, love the formula, lover the colour I would recommend these providing you don’t mind the pencil format and I would repurchase, they pencil makes for easy precision and is the perfect balance between liner and lipstick. Love these Maybelline, now about that sharpener…

Amendment: I’ve just tried sharpening and these do fit a jumbo sharpener just be aware that you don’t sharpen them when they don’t need it otherwise you may cut the top off.

The Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencils are available here for £4.99.

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