Aussie Aussome Volume Miracle Dry Shampoo Review

When it comes to haircare although I like to try new brands there are certain brands that I tend to come back to when I want something that I can rely on and Aussie is one of those brands. I love Aussie shampoos and conditioners and I wanted to give this dry shampoo a go, I did once buy it previously but the packaging broke, so when my mum gave me a can I thought it was high time I tried and reviewed it.
So this is the dry shampoo, I have to say I’m not a fan of the packaging, the design is a bit meh anyway I can take it or leave it but last time I bought a can of this it was in the Boots bag and by the time I got it home half of the product had leaked plus the nozzle would not release any product at all, so I’d say that definitely needs working out.

The product has a different scent to the usual Aussie macadamia nut/bubblegum smell which I’m not overly keen on, I can deal with it but I much prefer scents by Batiste to this, so the scent isn’t something that would entice me to repurchase.

Onto the formula and it’s pretty disappointing, I would not say that this works as a dry shampoo, granted there’s no white cast but it doesn’t absorb the grease at all rather it adds crispiness like a hairspray and leaves the grease sat on your hair.

That’s not to say this is completely terrible, as a volume spray it definitely added lift and volume to my roots and crown which I was pleased with but sadly didn’t work as a dry shampoo.

I personally wouldn’t repurchase this I think that there is better out there that is cheaper and does what it promises, as a volume spray it’s semi decent but as a dry shampoo it doesn’t work.

The Aussie Aussome Volume Dry Shampoo is available here for £4.49.

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