November Favourites

It’s time for another favourites post marking the end of yet another month and now it’s nearly December which means Christmas is on its way and I for one am super excited! Rather than going off on a tangent and rambling on about reindeers, snow and christmas carols (because let’s face it that is some key parts of the festive period) I’m going to get on with my favourites and as usual I’m going to start with my makeup favourites.
After realising that I wasn’t a fan of my current mascara I cracked open my tube of the Revlon Lash Potion Mascara and just fell in love. It does have quite a wet formula but it instantly lengthens and volumises the lashes with only one coat and without clumping so it’s literally a miracle in a tube for me and love doesn’t even cover it. I’ve also enjoyed both of the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters the original pink one and the iridescent gold one. Not only are they both stunning colours but they translate so nicely on the skin giving you a subtle light glow on the cheekbones without being overly shimmery and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both of them (expect a review coming soon). I also tried my Manhattan Pro Mat Top Coat over the top of black nails (see my noughts and crosses/tic tac toe nail tutorial) and I really loved the results, this is great for putting a modern twist on a manicure.

Onto some haircare and skincare products I’ve been using the Palmolive Colour Protect Shampoo and it really helped to hydrate my hair without being too stripping so I’ve enjoyed that. My friend Rachel also let me try her Liz Earle Instant Skin Boost Tonic and within a few squirts my skin has been unbelievably soft and clear so I think that’s an investment I’ll have to make. I’ve also fallen head over heels with the Body Shop Glazed Apple range and I’ve been using the soap, unfortunately apparently this range is limited edition which upsets me deeply * sob *.

I’ve had a few random favourites the first being some television shows. I am obsessed with I’m a Celebrity at the moment (my favourites are Jimmy, Foggy and Melanie) so that’s been great and I’ve been really into an anime called Sword Art Online this month which is about characters that play an online game and get trapped in it and if they die in the game they die in reality, it’s really action packed and the characters are great. Another favourite has been Christmas Shopping, I’ve spent way too much money and spent a day in Meadowhall but have made some great purchases and I’m really excited for Christmas day.

My favourite Youtuber of the month has been Sabrina from A Little Obsessed, I love her videos and she knows what she is talking about, she always leaves me lusting after a long list of products too.

My favourite Blogger has been Rebecca from Daisy Dew, her posts are fun to read and well thought out I highly recommend both of these people to you.

So that concludes my November favourites I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button. Let me know in the comments what you have been enjoying this month.

Thanks for reading.
Love x


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