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Eyebrow Tips and Tricks – How to fill in the brows

As the final part in my series “Eyebrows Tips and Tricks” I’m going to finish off by teaching you how to fill in your brows. I hope that you find this useful or at the very least enjoy reading this … Continue reading

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Get ready with me: How I shape my eyebrows

Hey everyone, so today I’m doing a post on something that I don’t often post about simply because in my opinion there’s not that much to say about eyebrows, but I wanted to share with you my method of shaping … Continue reading

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Hellraisers – The Do’s and Don’ts of Eyebrow Grooming

Hello everyone, so today I’m going to be doing another post on eyebrows and this one is going to be the do’s and don’ts of eyebrow grooming, I’ve seen a lot of people rocking brows that are way too dark … Continue reading

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