Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine By Rita Ora Portaloo Blue Review

When it comes to nail polish Rimmel is always a brand that I’d overlooked and I’m not quite sure why. At one point I tried the Lasting Finish polish range and wasn’t a fan of the formula. I think it’s also because I tried a couple of lower end nail polishes and didn’t have fantastic results so I assumed that nail polish was one of those things where a higher price tag equated to high quality.  This week I’ve been testing the Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine Polish by Rita Ora in Portaloo Blue, here’s my thoughts.

I think the packaging on this is really cute, I’m not enamoured with the simple clear glass bottle and plastic black lid however, the floral print and Rita Ora’s signature is just too cute. Packaging aside, the price is very affordable at only £2.99 per polish.

The colour isn’t very autumn friendly but it’s a beautiful shade nonetheless. It’s a bright sky blue that reminds me of Sally Hansen’s Blinding Blue which I wore for absolutely ages. The brush is a flatter brush that makes it very easy to paint the entire nail with.

In terms of formula this is very easy to work with, two coats maximum are needed for full opacity and it dries down to a very glossy finish! This seemed to dry quickly although I’m not sure if it was exactly in sixty seconds!

The only downside is the longevity, I rarely wear a topcoat especially when I’m testing polishes as I like to see how they perform on their own. This one lasted me one day before one nail peeled off entirely and needed redoing. After that I got around three days of wear before this started to chip so not amazing but not the worse either.

Aside from the longevity, this is pretty darn good especially for the price. The colour and formula is nice, the finish is lovely and it’s budget friendly to boot, if only it lasted longer it would probably be one of the best polishes I’ve tried from the high street.

So there we have it, the hype is real my friends I can see why people love these polishes so much, thankfully I have a few more shades tucked away in my collection to be tried so I’m sure I’ll be doing some more Rimmel polish reviews soon, in the meantime, why not try one for yourself?

The Rimmel London 60 Seconds Supershine Polish by Rita Ora in Portaloo Blue (what a mouthful) is available from Superdrug for £2.99.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried any polishes from this range, I’d be keen to hear your experiences especially as I didn’t like the I love Lasting Finish ones!

Thanks for reading.

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September Favourites 2017

Another month has passed and it’s been somewhat of a rollercoaster month for me. I know a lot of people are excited for autumn too but in truth I’m already missing summer, I’m definitely not looking forward to cold weather and gloomier days that’s for sure! Of course I have some beauty and lifestyle favourites to share so here they are!
Just for a change I’m going to start with lifestyle favourites. The first favourite is these Pusheen Unicorn slippers, I spotted these in Primark and I’ve been a fan of Pusheen for years so I couldn’t not get them. I’ll admit if Pusheen Box was available in the UK I’d probably buy it…Anyway these are super soft and warm and I love the cute face and tuft of colourful fake fur too!

This month I’ve also been rereading the A Song of Ice and Fire books by George R.R. Martin. Of course that is the Game of Thrones series, I’ve read them before but I’m through to A Dance with Dragons again now, if only I didn’t have to wait so long for The Winds of Winter!

My final lifestyle favourite is an anime, I saw my boyfriend watching this so gave it a try and it’s so cute! The anime is A Restaurant to Another World it’s about a restaurant that has a talented chef, once every seven days the door to the restaurant appears and each episode sees two new customers come in and fall in love with a new dish. It’s pretty simple but it’s one of those that makes you feel good not too dissimilar to Studio Ghibli films.

Of course I also have plenty of beauty favourites and some of them won’t come as a surprise if you’re up to date with my posts. Up first is the Bourjois Little Round Blush Pot in Rose de Jaspe. This is a cult product and for a very good reason, it applies like a dream, smells nice and leaves the most gorgeous pink and gold flush on the cheeks. It’s such a stunning shade and I’m absolutely in love.

I also seriously loved the Kiko Nail Lacquer in 530 I’m not usually a fan of Kiko polishes but this had a fantastic formula plus it gave me serious mermaid vibes with the turquoise and gold, I love it!

This month I tried two shades of the Guerlain La Petit Robe Noir Lipsticks and I was again very impressed. I tried Pink Ties and High Heels, both are pretty shades that have the most amazing scent (that matches the perfume like its namesake) and have a creamy formula with a semi glossy finish. I really enjoyed using these, they definitely feel very luxurious!

Finally, is a hand cream that I really like, I’ve used this for a while now but only got round to reviewing it recently and that’s the Soap and Glory Hand Dream Super Cream it’s smells clean with a sweet scent to it and it leaves my hands extremely soft, I’ve definitely been using it in the colder months and I’m enjoying not having super dry hands!

That concludes my monthly favourites, if you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in comments what products you have been enjoying this month.

Thanks for reading!


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Low Maintenance LOTD

It’s been a while since I’ve done a look of the day and when I’m at work I generally want something low maintenance because realistically I don’t have the time to top up my makeup every few hours. This look is nice and easy I’ve used minimal products and there’s not too much fanciness here, sadly the lighting wasn’t great (curse yellow lights in my flat) but either way I hope this is a look you can use yourself for a low fuss day.

MUA Eye Primer
I always use an eye primer before eyeshadow simply because it makes the look more intense and makes my eyeshadow stick around all day. The MUA one is very easy to use simply apply to the lids using the doe foot applicator and blend with your finger and you’re set!
Urban Decay Naked Palette
I quite like shimmery eyeshadows but I wanted this to be very simple so I took the shade Naked and applied that into the lid and crease then blended, I didn’t bother with any other shades of eyeshadow as I wanted this to be a simple, minimalistic look.
Rimmel London Scandaleyes Kohl Liner in Nude
I get very red rimmed eyes especially if I’ve not slept well so I use a swipe of nude eyeliner on my waterline to brighten my eyes and conceal the redness. If you feel like black liner is too harsh I’d definitely recommend a nude as it shaves years off of your face and makes your eyes look wider and brighter.
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Concealer is a must for me owing to the dark under eye circles I get, I dot this and and blend with my ring finger, I’ll then apply a bit under my brow bone and slightly into the socket and blend to conceal any other darkness.
L’oreal Telescopic Mascara
I really like this mascara, usually I’ll build it up for long, volumised black lashes but today I wanted to keep the look quite simple so I applied one to two coats for fluttery long lashes.
Sleek Brow Kit in Dark
I’ve used all of the pigmented wax in this up so I just used the brow powder, it doesn’t give my brows as much structure as I usually go for but it fills them in and darkens them without much effort.

L’oreal True Match Foundation
I don’t ever wear this to work simply because it doesn’t stay on for very long but for home days it’s perfect and I love the dewy finish! The best way to apply this is with a damp sponge and I dab it onto my face for even coverage. I love how healthy this makes my face look and I get a lot of compliments with this!
Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in Monoco
My current highlighter of choice, this is a liquid and it’s fairly intense so I actually applied it on all of the usual places before foundation. The L’oreal foundation is medium coverage and I like my highlighter to be a little more subtle so this allows me to have it shine through for a natural glow.
Astor Deluxe Bronzer in 002 Safari Fever
I have an oval shaped face and my cheekbones are not very prominent so I always like to use a little bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks to help to define my face. I applied this in a line then blended with my brush, I then used the excess foundation on my sponge over the top to tone it down.
No7 Vital Brights Cream Blusher in Blossoming Pink
They’re not as easy to apply as powders but I love how cream blushers can add dewiness and freshness to the skin. This one by No7 is lovely, I dot it onto the apples of my cheeks and then blend, if it’s too intense I’ll add a drop of foundation over the top and blend to keep it subtle as clown cheeks are terrible!

Balance Me Hint of Glamour Tinted Lip Balm
I always wear lipstick however, this is a low maintenance look, I decided to go for a tinted lip balm that is a berry shade just to add a little more colour to my face. This is actually darker than it appears in the photo but it’s great for adding a little something to the lips without needing to top it up and worry about smudging, feathering or bleeding.

So there we have it, quite a simple look and great for lazy days! If you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments what products are you go-to for a lazy day.

Thanks for reading!

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W7 Brow Parlour Review

I remember when my mum got me this for Christmas one year, I opened it up and in an excited voice my mum proclaimed “Look Lou it’s in a tin!” Funky packaging aside I’m always a little apprehensive about budget brow kits, the Sleek one is fantastic, the Seventeen is okay but I’ve tried some truly awful ones that haven’t cost much…Let’s see how the W7 one holds up.

Of course we have to talk about the packaging, this comes in a compact little tin that reminds me of one of those light up mirrors based on the design (of course it’s supposed to resemble a mirror in a beauty parlour). In terms of price this is also very budget friendly at £3.50 from Fragrance Direct.

Inside the kit we have a brow wax, two brow powders, a highlighter powder, mini tweezers and a double ended brush with a brush on one end and a spooly on the other. When I first saw this I was a little disappointed with the wax, I always like the waxes to be pigmented as I often use those to fill in and shape the brows however, it’s not the be all and end all.

The brush is disappointing, the spooly is quite scratchy but I can live with that however, the brush is one of those plastic feeling brushes that kind of flop around but don’t actually offer much in terms of function. I think this could be improved as the two brushes in the Sleek Brow kit are actually really good.

Moving onto the actual products and again you are faced with disappointment. The powders are quite hard and dusty and offer little in terms of pigment. The wax is far too waxy and stiff so it’s difficult to work with. The highlighting powder is okay but again nothing to shout about and I’d prefer it if it was matte.

The real issue is application, I’ve tried this on my brows but just didn’t want to repeat the process as it was awful so I’ve done it here on my hand. The wax is very difficult to work with so it’s hard to actually use it at all, the consistency is very sticky and thick and it reminds me of glue. When I applied this is made my brows look wet but didn’t really offer much else. Applying the powders over the top is near impossible, the wax should really have enough grip to provide some stick but instead the powders apply patchily and it’s difficult to get any sort of even coverage. Instead you are left with a patchy mess like above and of course you can’t apply the powders on their own as they have such little pigment.

Overall, this is a massive disappointment and I wouldn’t recommend. I think some products W7 do okay with but this is terrible it’s much better to pay and extra four pounds and get the quality of Sleek than it is to buy something that just doesn’t work! Definitely one that I wouldn’t use again, repurchase or recommend.

The W7 Brow Parlour is available from Fragrance Direct for £3.50.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried products from W7, I know that they’re a dupe brand but I don’t tend to like any of their products anymore as the quality just isn’t there for me.

Thanks for reading!

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser Review

Until recently the word gel in a skincare product always made me feel a little tentative. I think it comes from when I tried the Lancome Gel Eclat Cleanser a while ago and I hated it (literally I had an allergic reaction). I shouldn’t have worried though, I forgot how cooling gel can be, case in point is the Illamasqua Hydra Veil which feels wonderful and of course the latest gel product I’ve tried – The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser.

I only have a sample but even the packaging looks cooling and soothing both from the sample and the actual product. Neutrogena isn’t a brand I’ve used much mainly because only their Blackhead scrub was readily available so I was excited to see the launch of the Hydro Boost products. Of course, this is fairly budget friendly for a moisturiser, it’s no Nivea but I don’t think £12.99 is terrible for 50ml of product.

Neutrogena describe this product as the following:
New Hydro Boost Water Gel, a refreshing water-gel moisturiser that contains a unique Hyaluronic Gel Matrix to instantly lock in intense hydration and continuously release it as and when your skin needs it throughout the day. Instantly absorbing & intensely hydrating, refreshingly lightweight, oil-free, suitable for Sensitive Skin. For more than 60 years, Neutrogena® has been a leader in skin health working with dermatologists.”

As the name would suggest this is a runny gel product, in appearance this has a blue tinge to it and a sweet yet clean scent to it that I really liked. Although this is slightly runny it’s not hard to use as it doesn’t drip, simply apply to the face and massage into the skin using circular motions, easy peasy!

I really loved the effects of this on the skin, at first contact this made my skin feel soothed and hydrated and it absorbed quickly and easily leaving behind soft, hydrated skin. What really surprised me with this was that my skin seemed to go matte very quickly, usually moisturisers leave my face looking almost greasy with shine after using them yet with this the gel absorbed and my skin wasn’t covered in a greasy residue which I really liked!

My skin didn’t react to this either which is always a bonus, I do have sensitive skin so I do ahve to be careful about reacting to products. I also liked how this left my skin feeling, after using it it looked radiant yet didn’t feel slimy, winning! Moisturiser is really important to me as I have combination skin which leans on the dryer side so it’s easy for my skin to get dehydrated but after using this my skin felt like it had had a drink, I would use this again.

Overall, I really like this, it does what I need it to and it feels lovely on the skin, I’m especially impressed with the lightweight formula and how quickly it fully absorbed. I would use this again and I would repurchase, I’d also recommend that you try it for yourself!

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturiser is available from Boots for £12.99.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried this moisturiser and if so what your thoughts were on it. Also let me know what Neutrogena products you recommend ideally ones that are readily available in the UK!

Thanks for reading.

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Tresemme Fast Dry 2000 Light Weight Hairdryer Review

I have to admit hairdryers are not products I usually get me excited, if it works I’ll use it. I recently was in need of a new one after my old one broke, I wasn’t overly fussed over brands and picked this one up for only £15.00, I have to say I really like using this, here’s my thoughts.

The Tresemme Fast Dry 2000 Hairdryer is one that I don’t see talked about yet it really is great. It’s a nice compact hairdryer that genuinely is lightweight, the product has three heat settings and retails only for £11.99 a bargain!

Tresemme describe this hairdryer as the following:
The Tresemme Light Weight Dryer 2000W has three heat and speed settings so you are always in control of your styling. The concentrated nozzle directs the airflow directly onto the hair that you wish to style which leaves a smooth and silky finish. The hinged rear filter is easy to clean and the hang up loop is perfect for storing after use.”

Starting with the size I like how this isn’t chunky, I tend to dry my hair one handed using one hand to hold the dryer and the other to brush through my hair, I like how this doesn’t make my arm ache and is easy to control. I don’t tend to use the nozzle but it’s a nice addition meaning that you can customise your hairdrying experience.

This does have a choice of three settings, a warm setting with medium speed, a hotter setting with a faster speed and my favourite which is the cool setting. Cool settings are always a welcome addition as its very easy to burn the scalp or hair so I like to use the cool setting to dry my hair when possible, it’s also great for setting your hair into place and for adding shine whilst being gentle on the scalp so I really am a fan of that.

It is quick to dry the hair as well, my hair is at the very least medium length now and this makes it so quick and easy taking less than fifteen minutes on average to dry my entire head. What I also like is that genuinely seems to keep my hair healthy and happy, I start by using the warm setting then alternate between that and cool to minimise heat damage, in the end my hair feels silky soft and has a glossy finish exactly what I want.

I’ve used quite a few hairdryers in my life and they’ve never really stood out to me but I genuinely love this one and it does such a good job. It’s not often that a hairdryer of all things blows me away (hah) but this genuinely does everything I want to and more.

Overall, I like this a lot, it’s convenient and easy to use and it doesn’t break the bank, if you are in need or a new hairdryer and don’t want to spend a lot of money then I would recommend this it’s genuinely fab!

The Tresemme Fast Dry 2000 Hairdryer is available from The Range for £11.99.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments what hair gadgets you like to use and if you have tried any Tresemme hair gadgets before.

Thanks for reading!

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Guerlain La Petit Robe Noir Lipsticks Review

Guerlain is a brand that I’ve barely tried mainly because of the price, whilst I like to use high end products I don’t always want to spend £25 or more especially when there is so many amazing high street alternatives. Guerlain were actually giving away samples of their lipsticks a while ago and I was lucky enough to snag a sample for myself, I’ve trialed them this week (insert heart emoji) here’s my thoughts.

Considering these are only samples I’ve impressed with the level of detail involved in the packaging, this screams luxury and doesn’t surprise me from a brand like Guerlain. These are of course expensive priced at £21.50 to £22.00 per lipstick however, you are paying for the brand name, quality and of course the exquisitve packaging (seriously just Google it.)

The sample contained two shades and a mini lip brush to try the products. On the left we have the shade Pink Tie which is a bold bright pink and on the right we have Red Heels which is a true red with orange undertones. Both are very vivid shades but both evoke the classic femininity of Guerlain.

The first thing to notice is the scent, these smell delicious fruity and sweet and of course they are fragranced with the La Petit Robe Noir scent. If you’re not a fan of fragranced cosmetics then I doubt you will like these but I really did, especially as the scent is wonderful. Texture-wise we have a rich creamy texture that glides across the skin and is very easily opaque. The texture is hydrating and moisturising yet doesn’t slip or slide. As you can see the pink shade has almost a glossy appearance.

On the lips these promise a bold infusion of colour with a glossy finish. I don’t typically like glossy finished lipsticks especially in bright shades as I find that they smear and bleed very easily however, these did a pretty good job at staying put I was very impressed.

I also love that after wiping them completely away they leave a stain which is wonderful if you don’t have time to constantly top up your lipstick. The stain looked really nice against my skin and made it look like the just bitten tinted look, I really liked it.

Overall, these are lovely lipsticks, they may not have been my usual brand or choice of finish however, the formula as as exquisite and you’d expect from Guerlain and they definitely deliver the quality for the price. I don’t think I’d buy the shade Pink Ties but I’d definitely be tempted by Red Heels especially for Christmas and events!

The Guerlain La Petit Robe Noir Lipsticks are available from Debenhams for £21.50-£22.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried these lipsticks and what products you have tried by Guerlain, I’ve always wanted to try their Meteorites Perles that just look wonderful!

Thanks for reading.


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