Clinique Love Clinique All About Shadow Trio in Going Steady Review

Every so often, Clinique has a special offer on where if you buy a certain numbe rof items you can receive a free gift. I spot these offers in Boots sometimes and though they are pricey they can be a great introduction to a brand. One of the products I received in a free gift a while ago was this little eyeshadow trio from Clinique. I’ve not tried a lot of Clinique eyeshadows only one of their lid pops which was fairly decent. I do love lilacs so I’ve been putting this to the test this week – here’s my thoughts.

Since this was a free gift I won’t talk about price, the packaging however, is adorable, small, dinky, easy to store and I love the pretty graphics on the front of the case.

You do get a doe-foot applicator within this trio but to be honest I just got rid of mine, I don’t really like those sorts of applicators as they feel scratchy on the lid, don’t pickup product very well and are not great for blending.

The shade selection I do find to be good, often with smaller palettes you sometimes get completely contrasting shades (I’ve had one duo by a different brand that was green and pink once) so all of these shades work well with each other to create a look. There’s no shade names but the right-most shade is great for over the lid, the left most, can be used in the centre of the lid and inner corners and the middle shade can be used in the crease to add depth or on the outer corners.

The left and right shades have a subtle shimmer finish whilst the one in the middle is primarily matte with flecks of silver glitter.

Though the shades are pretty, the palette falls down on pigmentation and texture. First of all these shadows are incredibly dusty, I would have loved a buttery smooth formula that glides onto the lid but this isn’t the case. All three of these shadows require a lot of building and digging into that pan as they are firmly pressed. There’s also fallout.

The pigmentation is also lacking, to get the above swatches I had to pack this on in layers and even then, you can see in the middle swatch that there’s just not a lot to work with in terms of colour pay off. I found that even when I packed these onto the lid, I had to go in repeatedly, three or four times and even then, the look was subtle and the dusty formula made my lids look very textured. Of the three shades, the middle shade is the most pigmented.

These blend out okay but you have to be careful not to blend too much with the paler shades otherwise the colour disappears from the lid. I found the matte shade harder to blend but at least it had more colour.

I didn’t notice anything notable about the longevity, it lasted for a few hours but didn’t stay on all day and within one hour the look had already faded.

Overall, I don’t loathe this, it’s okay for a subtle look but to be honest I am disappointed. From a higher-end brand like Clinique I expected much higher quality and better results, I also found that I had to put in a lot of effort to make these shadows work, when I have had better results from the likes of Rimmel London. Overall, I wouldn’t repurchase this eyeshadow trio or recommend it.

This product was available as part of a gift however, you can find this specific trio floating around on Ebay if you really want to try it for yourself.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried Clinique’s eyeshadows before, do you like them or hate them?

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