Nyx Colour Correcting Primer in Green Review

As someone with naturally red skin on my face, I’m always on the hunt for colour correcting products that can even out my skintone. My sister passed along this colour correcting primer which I was pretty keen to try. I do like Nyx as a brand and green colour correctors are great for red tones, so I thought I’d really like it. Sadly, a week of trialing it has proved that it doesn’t work for me, here’s my full thoughts.

The packaging is pretty simple, it’s a squeezy plastic tube which I find is pretty standard for primers, there’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about it. I do think this is actually pretty expensive for a high street primer though, it’s £9.00 for 30ml, before checking I’d estimated that this would be around the £5.00 mark.

This primer is described as the following:
Airbrush your skin before you leave the house with the amazing NYX Professional Makeup Colour Correcting Liquid Primer. It’s ideal for an all-over touch of colour that’s perfect for warm days when foundation feels too heavy, or as a primer that will ensure your makeup stays put all day.

There are five colours available to help you get the complexion you’re looking for. The green tinted primer helps calm the appearance of red areas, while blue brightens the complexion and gives a gorgeous glow. Peach and yellow will help create an even, neutral tone and are ideal for those wanting coverage for all colours. Feeling pale and washed out? The pink correcting primer is great for adding a healthy flush of colour.”

The primer doesn’t have any noticeable scent to it but it is very green. Though this may sound obvious, my favourite colour correcting primers don’t have too many colour pgiments. For example, my favourite Clinique Redness Solutions is white with a greenish tinge however, an old No7 Rosy Skin Primer was like this and it was too green. This doesn’t contain any shimmer or glitter but does have a dewy look to it which I like.

The first thing I notice when applying to this face is the way this applies. The texture feels like a light lotion which is fine however, when I apply this over my face I find that it doesn’t feel like it’s sinking into the skin, instead it kinda of smears over my skin and then gathers in areas like my jawline which I really dislike.

What I really dislike about this primer though is how it tints the skin green – I’m serious. When I apply this over my skin I try to concentrate on my super red areas however, the primer glides over those and doesn’t colour correct. It then sits along my jawline and leaves a slight greenish tint to the skin. I even found that under full coverage foundation this left my skin looking very pale with a greenish tinge so I actually looked like a zombie!

Overall, I really dislike this, I wanted to like it and on the surface it seems like a decent product but the tinge and the way it sits on the skin really just doesn’t work for me at all, I actually found that it was better to not use this than it was to use it which says it all! Personally, I wouldn’t repurchase this and I wouldn’t recommend it either.

The Nyx Correcting Liquid Primer in Green is available from Boots for £9.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these colour correcting primers from Nyx, alternatively if you do know of a great colour correcting primer please let me know! I’ve heard great things about the Stila One Step Correct.

Thanks for reading!

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