April Favourites 2018

Spring is well underway and before we know it another month has slipped by – how did that happen?! Having said that, it’s been an intense month for me with both high and low points and at some points in the run up to payday it certainly has dragged a bit. In terms of favourites I’ve discovered lots of new products both beauty and lifestyle so here they all are!

I’m going to start with beauty and a couple of liquid lipsticks have found themselves on my radar this month. Up first we have the Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit which is a cult classic. It’s more nude than I expected but I do actually like it, it’s not the most longwearing but it’s comfortable enough on the lips and it’s certainly affordable. Next up is the Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit in Runway clearly inspired by the Kylie Lip Kits, this is something else. Both the lip liner and the liquid lipstick are great products and together the wear time is incredible plus they dry fully matte without sucking every inch of moisture out of your lips – a true winner in my book.

Onto a couple of skincare favourites, a resdiscovery is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. Recently my skin has been more on the oily side and my chin has had a lot of those painful red under the skin bumps so I turned back to this. Already the spots and blemishes are reduced and my chin feels less clogged and congested.  I’m also enjoyed the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser this month, I’m not overly keen on the rose smell but this removes my makeup without being too drying and the texture seems to somehow balance out my oily skin without drying it out.

Finally is a deodorant, I get Eczema on my armpits so can’t use spray deodorants and a lot of roll ons, I’ve been using the original Dove Roll On Deodorant and decided to try the new Floral Touch Scent, I can confirm that it smells as lovely as it sounds, sweet and floral and a delicate comforting scent that reminds me of fresh bedding and springtime.

Onto lifestyle I’ve been watching a lot of stuff lately, on Netflix I’ve been bingeing my way through House of Cards with my other half and I’m really enjoying it. When I did my Journalism degree we covered politics so I like seeing the dramatisation of the corruption, I’m a couple of seasons in and plan on watching it all the way through. I’ve also particularly enjoyed watching Makeup Decluttering Videos, I find them satisfying to watch and they even inspired me to do my own clearout!

A new game discovery happened this month and that’s Overcooked which is available on the PS4. It’s such a daft game, imagine Cooking Mama but more fast paced with local coop and you have it, fun for a mess around and I’ve had plenty of laughs at it.

My final favourite is spring! It’s my favourite season and it’s finally here, we are now back to rain after a short spell of sunshine but the snow is out of the way and the flowers are blooming – yay!

That concludes this post, hope you had a fab April and have an even better May! If you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments what you have been enjoying this month.

Thanks for reading!~

About ninarossbeauty

PR Person and Beauty Blogger who has a soft spot for eyeshadows, lipsticks and anything quirky. You can contact me at ninarossjournal@gmail.com
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2 Responses to April Favourites 2018

  1. shireenplatt says:

    Believe it or not, I have yet to try anything from Glossier! Honestly there are too many brands and products to try that I can’t keep up.

    • I was like a year late to the party haha so don’t worry about it you’ll get no judgement from me! I think it depends on what it is exactly you look for as they value skincare above makeup. This is the first thing I’ve tried and it’s certainly a good everyday cleanser and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like rose scents and usually hates gel cleansers! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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