Beauty Blender The Original Review and Comparison

Beauty blender has become somewhat of a buzzword, in fact it’s managed to integrate itself so well into the beauty world that the name has become synonymous with any sort of blending sponge really. I’ve heard the Beauty Blender being praised and hyped for months and though I love my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge, I popped this on my wishlist and got it as one of my Christmas presents. Here’s my full thoughts on the Beauty Blender with a few direct comparisons with the Real Techniques sponge.

Starting with the packaging and price, I’ll be honest I wasn’t massively impressed with Beauty Blender for this. The packaging is quite simply a bit of plastic with tape over the top, the plastic can easily be squished in your hand so it just seems a little flimsy when the product inside is a sponge? The Real Techniques uses more plastic and a thicker type, though neither are great for the environment it is sturdier. The Beauty Blender retails for £17.00 now with the price sometimes increasing for different colours!

The Beauty Blender is described on Cult Beauty as the following:
The patent-pending, elliptical-shaped Beautyblender cosmetic sponge was created by Rea Ann Silva to give a flawless airbrush finish to your complexion. The fuchsia sponge’s unique shape means you can use it all over the face. It’s latex-free, non-irritating, non-allergenic and odourless. It’s both long-lasting and easily washable.”

Size and Shape
The size of this is quite small, it’s not quite as small as some of the micro sponges that are available but it smaller than the Real Techniques which is both a good and a bad thing. The good thing is that the pointed tip and smaller size of this means that it’s better for getting into smaller areas such as the inner corners of the eyes for concealer but in honesty I usually use a concealer brush anyway for harder to reach areas. The downside to the smaller size is that you can’t cover a large surface area quickly so this does mean that it takes me a little longer to apply my foundation using this. I also prefer the shape of the Real Techniques as the flat edge on that sponge is perfect for around the nostrils and places like my neck and chin.

I noticed that the Beauty Blender doesn’t absorb as much as the Real Techniques and even when I wet it I can see the small holes on the Beauty Blender. In a way this means that the Beauty Blender doesn’t absorb as much product but I did find that because it still feels quite dry even after soaking it with water, it is harder to blend out products with it. One of the things I love about the Real Techniques is that because it absorbs water and product it’s much better for blending. Let’s say I apply a cream blush over a foundation and I’m too heavy handed, the excess foundation on the RT sponge means I can quickly correct the blusher mistake but with the Beauty Blender I would have to add more foundation. I also prefer the feeling of a softer, damper sponge over the drier texture of the Beauty Blender.

I actually took an extra couple of weeks to review this because I struggled to tell a difference between this and the RT when applying my foundation so to properly test I used both sponges for my Estee Lauder Doublewear and my L’oreal True Match. I found that with foundations that are thinner in consistency and runnier, the Beauty Blender was a smidgen better at applying an even coverage. For my Estee Lauder Double wear the RT sponge was better. Comparing the two side by side I found that the texture and absorption of the Beauty Blender meant it was hard to build up coverage with the sponge as the Beauty Blender could lift away product whereas the Real Techniques was much better at pushing the product into the skin. The Beauty Blender makes me feel like product is sat on top of the skin whereas the Real Techniques makes me feel like the product is properly pushed into the skin and blended seamlessly.

Overall I actually prefer the Real Techniques sponge, I think it’s much better value for money and it performs better. I’m yet to fully trash a Beauty Blender but a good few articles online have said that the Real Techniques sponge lasts longer as well. I know that a lot of people highly rate the Beauty Blender but in my opinion the Real Techniques sponge is better! While I don’t hate the Beauty Blender I personally wouldn’t recommend it and if you are in the market for a new sponge I’d highly recommend you choose a Real Techniques one!

The Beauty Blender is available from Cult Beauty for £15.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried either sponge and which one you prefer, I’d be really interested to know!

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to Beauty Blender The Original Review and Comparison

  1. stashy says:

    The opposite for me was true – the Real Techniques sponge fell apart really quickly for me – less than a month and there was a tear. Whereas I owned my Beauty Blender sponge for over 2 years! I also prefer the bulbous shape of the BB better, personally. I never use the flat side of the RT.

    • Wow, really is subjective then I guess! I use the rounded site of the RT but I prefer how it’s bigger than the BB plus it seems to make my makeup look better I find no matter how often I wet the BB it still seems really dry which I don’t like! 🙂

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