Clinique Lid Pop Eyeshadow in Aqua Pop Review

Back when the Clinique Lid Pops and Cheek Pops were getting a lot of hype I’d spent ages drooling over them. Back then I was a student so didn’t have as much disposable income so it took me a while to finally bite the bullet and pick one up. I ended up choosing an eyeshadow and spent a while deliberating between Aqua Pop and Surf Pop, I’m glad I chose Aqua Pop as online swatches reveal that Aqua Pop looks richer, the formula looks more buttery and less powdery too, here’s my thoughts.

First of all the packaging, oh the packaging, I love it so much. The box is this adorable little white box with pastel flowers and silver writing that looks so pretty and feminine and it reminds me of spring. The packaging of the eyeshadow is thick clear plastic yet it’s compact and adorably dinky. This is easy to store and sturdy and that’s before we get onto the beautiful flower embossing on the shadow itself, 10/10 Clinique, I love it. These are high end at £15.50 an eyeshadow so I do think that the price is up there for one single shadow, but I have paid similar prices for a single from Urban Decay and it is what I’d expect from Clinique.

Boots describe the Clinique Lid Pops as the following:
Richly pigmented shades build, blend easily to desired level of intensity. Appropriate for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. Ophthalmologist Tested. Using an eye shadow specialist from Clinique’s Makeup Brush Collection, sweep shadow across lids for desired effects. Create interesting dimension by blending and layering multiple shades. Use as an accent shade in the crease, as a liner, or to highlight just under the brow bone.”

Looking at swatches online it does look like some of the shades are inconsistent, as I mentioned earlier Surf Pop looked quite powdery however, Aqua Pop has a beautifully, buttery texture with minimal fallout which is lovely. Swatching this with my fingers and the texture is incredibly lightweight and so creamy, it’s almost as if this was a cream eyeshadow it’s so silky so I’m definitely impressed with that.

The shade is of course a beautiful teal shade which I love. Back in my student days I used to wear purples and blues and greens a lot but I steered more into neutral territory for work. Playing with this though makes me realise I still have a fondness for blues and though I may not wear this to work it is a shade I enjoy wearing on the weekend.
(Swatched on bare skin)
Another thing I like about this is how the shadow is buildable and blendable. If you want an intense pigment on your eyes you can pack this on no trouble and enjoy a striking blue but if you are more colour shy you can blend this out easily so it’s a more wearable wash of colour.

(Blended out)
This is a very shimmery/metallic shade, it’s quite difficult to describe as it’s not glittery at all but at the same time it’s not tin-like or foiled either, it sits comfortable in between shimmery and metallic with this richly pigmented formula.

The longevity is moderate, this doesn’t last for hours and hours which I would like, I think I wore this for three to four hours before noticing fading and that was over a budget eye primer, I imagine if you used a high quality eyeshadow primer you could probably extend the wear time on this.

Overall, I do like this, I don’t think it’s a shadow that I’ll be using all of the time, though I am keen to maybe try this as a liner as well. I think if you do wear a lot of coloured eyeshadow then you will like this but if you are more colour shy I don’t think you need it. I would advise at the very least swatching some of the Clinique Lid Pops, they have some beautiful shades, in particular I have my eye on some of the paler neutral shades like Petal Pop for daywear.

The Clinique Lid Pop in Aqua Pop is available from Boots for £15.50.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, have you tried any of the Clinique Lid or Cheek Pops? Let me know you’re experiences in the comments! Personally, I wasn’t fond of the Lip Pop and Primes (Cherry Pop wasn’t a great lipstick) but I do like this Lid Pop and I’m curious about those blushers!

Thanks for reading.

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7 Responses to Clinique Lid Pop Eyeshadow in Aqua Pop Review

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous colour!

  2. Beautiful shade!! I didn’t realize their lid pops

  3. were so pigmented. Sorry I accidentally sent my comment before I meant to lol. xx

  4. stashy says:

    This shade really POPS! (haha) You’re right thought, they’re not consistent across the board. I swatched some of the more wearable shades and they lacked pigmentation which was disappointing considering I love the Pop Blushes. I ended up not buying any of the Pop eye shadows.

    • Haha great pun I see what you did there. Ah that’s fair enough, I’ll be avoiding thos enow, I find paler shades need a smooth texture or they look awful! I might try the blushers next and leave the wearable eyeshadows! X

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