Makeup Revolution Out of this World Merged Eyeshadow in Astral Review

A while ago I reviewed the Makeup Revolution Out of this World Merged Eyeshadow in Limitless which I really really like. I also have this one that I’ve been trialing this week and whilst it’s not quite as good as Limitless it’s still a beautiful eyeshadow and I’ve worn it all week! Here’s my thoughts.

This is the Makeup Revolution Out of this World Merged Eyeshadow in Astral. It comes in this plastic packaging which I’ll admit is very flimsy but it’s easy to store and travel with and doesn’t take up much space. This retails for a mere £1.50 so it’s very affordable.

Like the other eyeshadows in the range this has a baked surface and can be applied wet or dry. I’m yet to try this wet but dry this is still incredibly pigmented. The colour is a smokey lilac shade with shimmer and small flecks of glitter so it’s really nice to add a bit of colour to a look and one I think I’ll be wearing a lot in spring.

The surface of the eyeshadow is rough in the pan but it’s not at all rough when you apply it to the lids, I didn’t notice much fallout and it of course has amazing pigmentation. Once blended it’s still the same shade but softened which makes it very wearable even for colourphobes.

I love how this is a stormy shade of purple it’s not neon and it’s not overly dark but is slightly more interesting than a pale lilac. The shimmer also means that it brightens the skin rather than washes out.

This wears well on the lids and has a moderately high longevity. If I apply this over my MUA Eyeshadow Primer at 6.30 in the morning when I get home from work at 7pm it’s still hanging around although by that point it has faded significantly.

Overall this is a lovely eyeshadow, it’s not one that I think you necessarily need but it is definitely nice to have. Unfortunately I can’t find this on the Tam Beauty website on or the Superdrug website but you may be able to still find this in Superdrug stores.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried any eyeshadows from this range, I’m quite impressed!

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