The Body Shop Glazed Apple Shimmer Mist Review

I’m super late to the game with this review, in fact this isn’t even available right now (what a failure) but The Body Shop do like to repeat collections plus this is still a review of their shimmer mists so it’s kind of okay. I’m had this sitting on my chest of drawers for ages but since I had a ton of perfume to use up it kind of sat there until I realised I still hand’t used it. I’ve been using this non stop throughout Autumn so here’s my thoughts.

The shimmer mists come in boxes but the packaging is relatively simple. It’s a large orb like glass ball which can be a little tricky to store and isn’t easily transportable however, the glass does make this feel more luxurious. The clear glass allows you to see how much product you have left as well as being able to see the shimmer once you shake this. I’m not sure how much this retailed for as it was a gift however, the Frosted Berries version this year is £12.00.

These shimmer mists are perfect for a nice refreshing scent as well as a touch of added sparkle from the shimmer. To be honest the shimmer particles must be very fine as I don’t really notice them on my skin (which I’m okay with in honesty). The scent is the main selling point for me. The glazed apple is a stunning scent, it is definitely a tangible apple scent but it’s sweetened somewhat, it’s seriously delicious though and the perfect sweet fruity scent without smelling sickly or synthetic.

Of course the shimmer looks wonderful when you shake this up, it’s super pretty and reminds me of a snowglobe. It’s definitely festive and yet this can be worn for all ages, it’s not like body glitter so it isn’t too young which I like.

The longevity isn’t the strongest but this is a mist rather than a perfume so that’s to be expected. When I spray this I can’t smell it after a few hours which is a shame but it’s still lovely to use in a morning and as with any mist if you spray it onto your clothes it will last longer.

Overall, this is a nice little product, it’s not quite the same as a perfume but I think for the price The Body Shop have delivered with these. Sadly this scent isn’t available this year however, they do have a Frosted Berries scent so if you are a berry lover I’d highly recommend that.

The Body Shop Shimmer Mists are available from The Body Shop for £12.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these and what Body Shops scents are your favourites, I’ll admit from the perfume line I love Japanese Cherry Blossom and the Indian Night Jasmine smells amazing too.

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2 Responses to The Body Shop Glazed Apple Shimmer Mist Review

  1. stashy says:

    I have this! I got it as part of a set. Too bad The Body Shop didn’t bring the apple scent back this year for the holidays – it’s so odd since it was so popular.

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