November Favourites 2017

November hasn’t dragged nearly as much as I thought it would and already Christmas is right around the corner. This month I’ve been focusing on using up more beauty products and really making sure I get the most out of my collection before I get an influx of new bits. Due to that, I’ve not been buying or testing as many products so my favourites should be a little shorter this month. Here’s what I have been really enjoying though.

The first mention has to go to the budget primer that I have very quickly fallen in love with and that is the L’oreal Lumi Magique Primer. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this but I was still unprepared for how amazing this truly is and how easily I fell in love with it. From the gorgeous healthy glow it imparts to the lightweight and pleasantly scented texture to the formula that just works…This really does it all and for under fifteen pounds as well.

Another product I was seriously obsessed with to the point where I’ve even wore it on a daily basis, is the Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid in Goa Magnolia. I’m very picky with liquid lipsticks and I much prefer a whipped or cream texture over the paint scented ones that suck the life out of your lips. This one smells like sweets, has a cream formula not unlike the Nyx SMLCs and the colour is a beautiful raspberry shade that’s just perfect for this time of year.

A final favourite that borders between beauty and lifestyle is a handgel. I like carrying an anti bacterial hand gel with me because you know GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE. The Carex ones really appeal to me because they smell nice as well as doing their job. My favourite is still the Bubblegum but after the Strawberry Laces I decided to try the Aloe Vera scent and I love the fresh, clean scent it gives my hands.

Onto lifestyle now and I have two favourites. The first is an author and that is Jill Mansell. As a chick-lit author, most people read Jill Mansell’s books on a sun lounger with a cocktail in hand but since it’s got colder and darker I’ve found myself feeling a little blue and these lighthearted stories that I can relate to have given me a much needed lift – cheers Jill.

Another favourite is a televisions series. This has been around for ages (more than ten seasons in fact) but in typical me fashion I’m late to the game. The show I’m talking about is Project Runway. I’m not super interested in fashion but I love fashion television shows. I love the designing focus of this and how you get to see people’s creations, I’m quite a creative person myself so I always love to see what ideas people come up with. Definitely one I’ve binged!

So there we have it, relatively short and sweet but those are my November favourites. I will admit I’m not looking forward to the weather getting even colder but I’m definitely excited for the holidays and some much needed time off. I hope you all have a fantastic December!

Thanks for reading.


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