L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Nail Polish in Hypnotic Red Review

I love nail polish but there’s so many brands that I haven’t tried and surprisingly L’Oreal was one of them for colours (excluding a special effects shade polish which was awful) despite there being so many pretty shades (I literally drooled when they released their whites collection). My lovely friend Georgiana did a swap with me and a polish that she gave me was this lovely autumnal shade. Here’s my thoughts.

I really like the packing, the brush is on the slimmer side and the glass bottle and the gold top is very autumnal and very festive for this time of year! These polishes are indefinitely high street and retail for £4.99 each.

Despite the shade looking purple on Boots’ website, as the name would suggest it’s a deep wine coloured red which I think is gorgeous for autumn. L’Oreal describe these polishes as the following:

Built-in top coat LiquiGel Technology offers easy application, even coverage and lasting glossy shine. The patented brush technology gives extra precision. The flat brush holds the formula, so colour is applied to nails easily.

I’m going to start with longevity for this. It’s not the best polish but by no means the worst. I tried this without a topcoat and it lasted a solid two days before it started to chip. Days 3 and 4 had some tip wear and by day 5 this had completely chipped. I think with a top coat this would likely last much longer. Surprisingly the staining from this was minimal, it did leave some pink tones to my nails but I’ve had much worse.

The colour isn’t the most opaque, all of these swatches are with one coat and you can see how when lightly applied (left swatches) this can look quite patchy. I prefer to do two thin coats of this and two coats are enough for opaque deep red nails.

Overall, this is a nice polish, it isn’t the best I’ve ever tried but I think it performs well enough for the price. There are other brands I prefer from the high street but not bad at all and I can definitely see myself using this a lot on my toes and fairly regularly on my fingernails in the colder months.

The L’oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish in Hypnotic Red is available from Boots for £4.99.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button. I do find darker red shades can easily go patchy so if you’ve tried any paler shades by L’oreal let me know how they are in the comments as I’d been interested to know how their pastel shades perform.

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2 Responses to L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Nail Polish in Hypnotic Red Review

  1. stashy says:

    I never believe it when polishes say you don’t need a top coat – they never last as long! Have you tried the L’Oreal Vernis A L’Huile (oil infused) polishes? They’re really fabulous!

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