Revisiting Wishlists #1

I really love wishlist posts, I love reading them and seeing what other people have their eye on and I enjoy writing them too. I’ve written quite a lot of wishlist posts since I started blogging so I thought it would be fun to go back and to look at some of my old ones. I was surprised to see that some of the products I’d bought and loved, others I’d got and didn’t like and some I either don’t want anymore or are still on my list! Today’s post will look at some products from older wishlists and to share if I ever did try them and my thoughts I hope you like this post!

1) Biore Pore Strips
I did try these and I found that on me they really didn’t do much but at the time my nose wasn’t very oily. I later tried some nose and chin pore strips from a different brand as I do get an oily chin. What I found was that I hate pore strips! They were really painful to remove and not only that but they left my skin sore and inflamed. I can’t help but wonder if there’s better ways to remove gunk so as a deep cleansing mask so I wouldn’t use these again!

2) DKNY Be Delicious Green Apple Eau De Parfum
I did get my hands on this, in fact one year my boyfriend and nan both bought me a bottle without realising! I really loved this perfume, the apple scent is just gorgeous, it’s a really fruity yet floral scent and it’s a great one for spring. I’d definitely repurchase it and I’m glad I got to try it!

3) Fairy Drops Scandal Eyes Quattro Mascara
I never did get around to purchasing this so it’s still on my wishlist as one to try. I think that the wand looks really unusual, the packaging is stunning and I’m also heard glowing reviews on this (Anna anyone?). Maybe I’ll get around to getting this at some point.

4) Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
I got one of these for Christmas one year and I absolutely loved it. So much in fact that I actually went through two more! This is now my holy grail and favourite cleanser to use so clearly it was a worthy investment. I’m really glad I decided to try this and I think I need to look into trying more Liz Earle products.

5) Missha M BB Cream
It’s quite funny, this one was on my wishlist as a friend of mine had it and encouraged me to try it and I seriously liked it. This is a beautiful BB cream that I loved on me so I’m not sure why I never did buy it but I wish I had have done! This is definitely one that I need to get my hands on once and for all.

6) Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in Shameless
I remember the hype of these and I still have one by Collection which is a dupe of the shade Elusive. I did end up buying Shameless and I used it for a while but the purple shade clung to the dryness of my lips and I didn’t end up wearing it as much as I thought. It is a nice enough product but I’ve found other lip products I like more.

7) Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation
I did buy this and to be honest it was a big regret. This looked terrible on my skin, it looked greasy and the application was weird in the fact that sometimes it went on thick and other times thin. It also didn’t help that the shade True Ivory was very orange on me, in whole I just didn’t like this at all!

8) Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushers
The Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushers are still on my wishlist – or at least one shade is. I never did try one of these mainly due to the availability. We can get them from QVC but I’m not a big fan of the buy now pay later thing. The other sites that stock these blushers unfortunately would ship internationally so the shipping would be costly plus I could be landed with custom fees so I’ve left it for now. I would love it if Tarte came to Feel Unique or Beauty Bay though!

9) Tony Moly Egg Pore Balm
The packaging on this is just too adorable but at the same time it’s quite bulky as you only get a small amount of product at the bottom of the egg. This is costly especially as you’re paying more for packaging than anything but I’m having major pore issues at the moment so I wouldn’t mind giving this a try even now!

10) Topshop Glow in Polished
Finally is the Topshop Glow in Polished, I did end up getting this and I really really liked it as a cream highlighter. The formula and shade were beautiful. My mum also decided that she really wanted to try this so I ended up giving it to her but it’s a lovely product nevertheless.

So there we have it, some hits, some misses and some unknowns! I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the products I’m yet to try. Also, I’d love to know what used to be on your wishlist and if you tried it or not!

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Revisiting Wishlists #1

  1. The Tarte blushes are quite good. I think I have three in my collection.

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