Products I’m Trying To Use Up #2

A lot of beauty blogs seem to promote the idea of having a lot of makeup and I know that I’m guilty of doing the same. Whilst that’s not necessarily a bad thing I think it’s good to sometimes focus on what you have and to try and get the most out of it. I switch up my makeup bag on a weekly basis to make sure that I’m getting the most out of my collection and since I’ll most likely get some new products for Christmas I’m trying to use up certain products. Here’s a rundown of the products I’m trying to use up.

1) Balance Me Hint of Glamour Tinted Lip Balm
I got this in a magazine and it’s actually a really nice lip balm. I love the berry tint to it, the formula doesn’t feel overly sticky and it has a hint of mint to it as well. This is in a squeezy tube so it’s fairly easy to use. I use this at least once a day so I’m focusing on using this up entirely. I did used to have a lot of lip balms in my collection but have trimmed it down to two now this being one of them.

2) Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in Rollercoaster
I quite like this nail polish, it only cost around £2.00 and the formula and colour are both lovely. I do have a very similar shade in my collection (No7 Peacock) and I’ve had this a while so I’m trying to finish it. I’m at least halfway through the bottle so I reckon I can use it up before it turns gloopy.

3) Illamasqua Cream Highlighter in Gleam

I usually love Illamasqua products but this is a little tricky for me to use. Underneath full coverage foundation this isn’t detectable and with it being a cream I think it works better over foundation. Unfortunately this isn’t as creamy as it could be and it does have drag so it often moves my base. Cream products can expire quickly and it would be a shame to waste this as it is a very pretty product so I’m trying to use this up quickly.

4) Illamasqua Gel Sculpt in Fluster
This is another product that is difficult to use. I love the fuchsia shade of this and the stick formula is convenient plus the product smells nice too. My issue with this is it’s quite stiff, I can apply this and you have to blend it out super quickly to avoid looking like a clown. It doesn’t blend easily which means I prefer to wear it under my foundation to shine through. Stick products are not the most difficult products to use so I’m hoping to finish this up.

5) L’oreal Fibrology Dry Shampoo
I’m really not a fan of this as a dry shampoo. I will admit this can thicken the hair but the white cast is even worse than Batiste. In addition to this, this can dry my scalp out and make my hair feel crunchy. My mum gave me this after trying it herself and not liking it so there isn’t much left in the bottle. I plan on just finishing this up at some point to free up some space for better products.

6) MUA Heaven and Earth Palette
At one point this was my go-to palette to the point where I have hit pan on a few of the shades. I do really like this palette it’s a great budget friendly option and the shades are very wearable. Lately though I’ve been gravitating to higher end palettes since discovering the buttery formulas of Urban Decay. Since I’ve hit pan on this I hope to finish it up freeing up some space for my other palettes!

7) No7 Creme Touch Powder
This ia product that was given to me by a friend who had used it but never finished it. It’s still in good condition and it’s within it’s expiry date (and hasn’t changed in texture or smell). This is near to the pan now and it’s a wonderfully silky powder that helps me set my makeup. I did go off powder for a while as it was making my makeup look cakey however, this one increases longevity without making my face look flat. I think I’ll be able to use this up as I’m now using it on a daily basis.

8) No7 Vital Brights Cream Blusher in Blossoming Pink
Another product given to me by a friend. I’m actually really enjoying using this for the draping trend, it makes me look younger (I’m only 22 but still) and it sculpts my cheeks. This has probably passed the expiry date however, I’ve been religiously checking the texture, scent and appearance of this and it still is fine. Since I’ve hit pan on this I’m planning on using it up as quick as possible.

9) Organic & Botanic Amazonian Berry Moisturiser
This was sent to me for PR purposes and I’ll admit, I’d never buy this as £50 is a LOT for a moisturiser. This isn’t a bad product though it does hydrate the skin my concern is that the presence of berries could make this expire pretty quickly. So far this is fine but with it being in a jar I’m hoping to use it up sooner rather than later.

10) What Skin Needs Facial Serum
Another product sent to me for PR Purposes, in truth this feels more like an oil than a serum. It’s an unusual product in the fact that it absorbs quickly and it is very hydrating however, it’s quite a heavy and intense product so it’s not one I can use daily unless I want to turn my skin greasy. This isn’t a bad product but there are other products I prefer. Now it’s getting colder I’m hoping to get plenty of use out of this.

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3 Responses to Products I’m Trying To Use Up #2

  1. I think it is good to try to use things up rather than letting them go to waste. I’m doing well at using up skincare, but need to start focusing on my makeup collection.

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