Boots Pure Noir Bodyspray

Bodysprays in general can be very hit and miss. I’ve had some absolutely beautiful ones and then I’ve had ones that have smelled cheap and synthetic or just like air freshener. Boots so far had performed well, I tried Paradise Shores and I loved the scent so much I went through can after can. Pure Noir was one that I was curious about (*who doesn’t love vanilla and peach) so I’ve used that up and I’ve now formulated a full opinion, here’s my thoughts.

The can is very similar to that of Paradise Shores, a slim can that has yellow and silver to evoke the sense of purity and vanilla. To be honest, yellow isn’t my favourite colour but I’ll be honest, the packaging doesn’t fuss me too much and I prefer it over Superdrug’s designs. This is a very budget friendly product at only 75p for 75ml so you’re literally paying a penny a ml which isn’t bad at all.

Boots describe this scent as the following:
Boots Bodyspray Pure Noir is a body fragrance infused with vanilla and juicy peach. A floral, musky aroma with top notes of juicy peach, reveal your dark side.

I’m going to be honest the branding to me is all wrong with this. The name pure noir makes me think of purity despite the french word for black in there and that’s reflected by the scent and the packaging. The ingredients of musk, vanilla and peach may sound sexy to some but to me the floral, musky aroma sounds quite feminine and sweet not at all like a dark side.

Onto the scent itself, when I first spray this I can’t really smell peach instead I smell mostly vanilla and musk but the muskiness definitely takes the lead. The peach only really becomes apparent once it’s dried down and since it’s a bodyspray it’s a fleeting scent at best.

I’ll be brutally honest this reminds me of nappies. When I smell this it doesn’t smell fruity and sweet, it doesn’t even smell fruity and floral. Instead it’s quite a powdery sweet scent that reminds me of baby wipes and clean nappies. It’s not awful it’s just not what I expected and not something I’d like to smell like.

In truth, this isn’t awful but to me it reads more air freshener than bodyspray and to be honest I don’t feel like this is seductive enough to make me think of a dark side. Instead of leather, heels and cherries I’m thinking more, nappies, soft jumpers and baby blankets so a bit of a miss for me. Personally I’m not a fan of this so I wouldn’t repurchase or recommend.

The Boots Pure Noir Bodyspray is available from Boots for 75p.

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