Recent Rediscoveries

Since I try so many new products I like to try and cycle through my collection making sure that I finish up and use the products that I have as well. Today I’m sharing with you some of my recent rediscoveries – products that were put on the backburner but recently made it back into my makeup bag. I hope that you like this post!

Barry M Genie Lip Paint £4.99 (Boots)
This is an oldie but a goodie, in the tube it appears to be an apple green lipstick however, this adjusts on the lips to create a custom shade of pink. Apparently this alters to the PH of lips but personally I think it’s more to do with temperature. On me this turns into a bold pink berry shade which is really nice for Autumn. The formula of this is quite slippery but doesn’t smudge or bleed, instead it feels hydrated and almost glossy on the lips.

BH Cosmetics 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette £14.95 (Beauty Chamber)
This was the very first palette that I got and it was bought for me by my other half. When I first got this I was all about the blue shades and then I put it aside for other more expensive brands. I used this all of last week and I’ve been using some of the neutral toned shimmers and they’re lovely perfect for autumn! I wear these shadows over my MUA Eyeshadow Primer and I kid you not my eyeshadow is still flawless when I get home after work.
Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray £6.99 (Boots)
If you follow me on Instagram (@ninarossbeauty) you may know that I recently had my hair cut shorter and a lot of layers put in. My hair is naturally very fine so it can be difficult to get volume, the layers help a lot but I’ve also been using this on a daily basis to really get some height. I’ve gone through so many cans of this but it’s so good simply spritz in your hair then ruffle and instant volume!

L’oreal Telescopic Mascara £10.99 (Feel Unique)
Quite possibly my favourite mascara of all time this is one that I come back to time and time again. This is super black and the plastic brush makes it easy for me to get length, separation and volume on my usually short, fine lashes. This is such a great mascara and it’s a fraction of the cost of brands like Clinique which don’t seem to perform well on me.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge £5.99 (Boots)
I use the Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation, anyone who has tried it will know that the coverage is fantastic but man it clogs brushes! Originally I used the Real Techniques Buffing Brush with this however, over time that broke. I do have the Expert Face Brush but I’m not a fan of the shorter bristles and I found that my foundation was getting cakey on my nose. I decided to go back to using a sponge and wow! My skin has looked so much better, less cakey and less textured simply by switching over beauty tools. I’m on my third one of these but honestly it’s amazing.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Fiend (Discontinued)
Sadly Urban Decay discontinued their Revolution lipstick line to replace them with hundreds of new offerings. This lipstick is a firm favourite of mine though, the shade is the perfect pinky nude (think MAC Brave) and it has a hydrating and creamy texture. This is quite glossy in finish so it may not be for everyone but it’s a current staple of mine for daywear.

So there we have it, a trip down memory lane and some recent rediscoveries for me! If you liked this post please hit the like button and subscribe if you’re not already. Let me know in the comments what rediscoveries you have recently found, I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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2 Responses to Recent Rediscoveries

  1. Fiend was one of my UD faves as well, I was so sad when they discontinued it!

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