Jamberry Nail Wraps Review

I love the idea of beautifully manicured nails with a stunning designs but I have to be honest it’s rare I have them. Partially is my aversion to using gels at a salon, my nails are very weak so I don’t want to damage them further and as much as I wish I was talented at nail art I’m really not so I was intrigued when Jamberry were giving away free samples of their nail wraps, I’d never tried a nail wrap up until this week so here’s my thoughts.

Jamberry’s nail wraps are essentially these long stickers that you cut and press over the nails for an instant manicure. These are a little steep at £15.00 for wraps but at the same time there’s an array of stunning designs to choose from and the convenience of easy application with no extreme nail damage is always a bonus.
Once you have your design simply peel the sticker from the pack. I press the curved edge to the base of the nail, measure up the length of the sticker to the length of my nail and then trim. Once this is done you simply press the sticker over the nail taking care not to crease or trap air underneath and you’re done!

The first thing I noticed is that these stickers are waterproof, they’re fairly flexible but not flimsy and the adhesive is strong enough to stick them to the nail but not so strong that you can’t peel them off in a pinch. Instructions for how to apply are on the Jamberry website but if I’m honest it’s pretty straight forward, there’s also a variance in sizing so whether you have wider nails or slimmer nails you can still use these.

My first attempt I cut this a little wonky by trying to cut it before applying to the nail so I’d definitely recommend applying these to the nails and then cutting them down. I do absolutely love the floral design though it’s so fresh and pretty perfect for spring! My second attempt I got the hang of it and got to try a variety of designs on my nails.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like using nail wraps but I was blown away by how simple and quick it was to use these, even for beginners. I also love the finish, my nails look neat, pretty and it didn’t take much time to do them either! And of course it’s so easy to peel away when done.

Overall, I’m impressed! I do wish these were a little more budget friendly but at the same time they’re definitely cheaper than getting shellacs. You do need to have longish nails to use these but mine are pretty short at the moment and these still worked. I’d definitely recommend these and I would repurchase some of these for special occasions because they’re lovely!

The Jamberry Nail Wraps are available from Jamberry for £15.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have ever tried any nail wraps, have you tried any from Jamberry?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Loved the nails!! Nail wraps are a pretty cool invention !! From Jade at 2 Peas In A Pod Blog – https://2peasinapodblog2.blogspot.co.uk

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