No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish in Thunderstorm Review

The No7 nail polishes are in my opinion vastly underrated. I have a couple from the brand and I always find that the shades are beautiful and that the formulas are glossy. I was given this one a while ago, it’s from the Stay Perfect range which I quite like, here’s my thoughts.

The shade Thunderstorm is this beautiful deep grey. Unlike many grey’s which are a flat shade, this is actually quite unusual in the fact that it’s a deep almost blue toned grey. These polishes are what I would consider to be mid-range at six pounds per polish.

Starting with the brush, this is a flat, slightly wide brush which I really like as it makes it very easy to coat the nails. The lid of these polishes is rounded which makes it fairly easy to grip the polish although I think it would be better if the lid was slightly thinner but that’s just me.

As mentioned above, the shade of this is fairly unusual, as you can see from the photos this is a blue/purple toned grey rather than a pale mouse grey but I really like that as it adds a unique edge to the polish and definitely reminds me of dark rain clouds before a thunderstorm.
This requires two coats to be fully opaque however, once this is dry you are left with a beautifully glossy finish. This lasted around four days on me without a topcoat however, once it does chip it chips fairly badly so I would definitely recommend a topcoat if you don’t like reapplying your polish mid-week.

Overall, I like this, it’s not a polish that I would rush out to repurchase or that I would recommend as you don’t need it however, it does deliver what I expected and for £6.00 you can’t really go wrong.

The No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish in Thunderstorm is available here for £6.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried any polishes from the Stay Perfect range and if Thunderstorm is a shade that you would wear.

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