Dermo28 Unica Anti-Aging Absolute Treatment Review

I may be quite critical but so far my experience of Dermo28 is that they are quite an expensive brand but I haven’t really seen the results on my own skin. Today I’m going to be talking about the Anti-Aging Absolute Treatment and whilst I know that I’m not the target audience I still like to use anti-aging skincare where I can to be proactive.
I had a sample of this product but the full size comes in a clinical looking monochrome tube. This is definitely high end and is priced at £90.00 which I personally think is incredibly expensive and overpriced, if I’m completely honest I can’t really see the justification for the price but that is just me, I’m a budget girl at heart!

Dermo28 is an Italian brand who have recently made a breakthrough into the UK market (hence some of the translation issues with the product descriptions). This product aims to treat deep wrinkles and is marketed as a moisturiser. The product description for this is as follows:

The best product of the DERMO28 technology. A cream that donates a soft and silky effect to your skin and provides the most advanced global programme against cutaneous ageing. Your skin will appear perfectly protected and deeply moisturised, with an instant effect of smoothness and brightness. It treats and prevents the signs of ageing, it leaves your skin radiant and perfectly hydrated, it looses your skin, leaving it silky and soft…”

Starting with the texture and scent, this has a light scent that is quite difficult to place but isn’t offensive or too strong, I’m unsure whether perfume is included within this but it didn’t irritate my skin which is a plus. The texture is a cream but slightly on the thicker side. This actually reminded me of the Eve Taylor products that I reviewed in the fact that this felt a tad heavy on the skin and didn’t sink in easily.

In terms of the results I didn’t really notice any difference in my skin, whilst I don’t have wrinkles so I couldn’t measure that the smoothing and hydrating properties didn’t really stand out to me, I still used a primer and my skin felt near enough the same as it had before.

Overall, this product just didn’t do anything for me and for the price tag I expected a lot more. Personally I wouldn’t recommend or repurchase this but of course you may have a different experience to me especially if you have mature skin.

The Dermo28 Unica Anti-Aging Absolute Treatment is available for £90.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button. Let me know in the comments if you use any anti-ageing products (I love the Urban Decay Anti-Ageing Eye Primer and the Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Complex), I’d also love to know if you have tried any products from Dermo28 and what your thoughts were.

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