Beauty Trends I’m Over

As with any industry there is a continuous cycle of trends of what is popular and what isn’t and as a beauty blogger it’s very easy to become hooked and to suddenly want to try and do everything that’s in fashion. Some of these trends though have just escaped me and there’s certain things that I’m quickly becoming bored of…

Image Credit: Know Your Meme

1) Ombre Lips
The beauty industry is still pushing that idea of an ombre lip with a darker shade fading into a lighter shade but what I want to know is who has time? From blending the colours to topping up throughout the day I have to say this is a trend that just seems a bit pointless to me personally. If I walk past someone chances are I’m not staring at their lips and unless their lipstick is fantastic I’m probably not going to ask what they’re wearing plus some ombres are so subtle I can’t even tell that they’re there, I just don’t get it.

2) Matte Everything
I do love a good matte eyeshadow and I love a nice matte lipstick but all I hear about on blogs is matte eyeshadows and matte lips and I really want to see something else. Personally, I love shimmery eyeshadows because they brighten my eyes and whilst I like a matte lip for longevity sometimes my lips just need a creamy satin formula.

3) Rose Gold
Don’t get me wrong sometimes rose gold is beautiful especially in eyeshadows but suddenly everyone is all over it and to be honest? There’s other metals I prefer. For jewelry I actually prefer silver and I will admit I don’t have any rose gold homeware it just reminds me of copper, plus it doesn’t match my furnishings!

4) Glitter Hair
The first time I saw a glitter parting it was for a fancy dress tutorial which made sense but suddenly it’s everywhere and all I can think about is, how do you guys deal with what must be the itchiest scalps ever?! Again these seems like a trend that I just don’t really get plus I imagine it being messy, time consuming and not very scalp friendly.

5) Fashionable Brows
There’s nothing wrong with grooming your brows but brow shapes come into fashion yet we all have different faces. I think Cara’s brows look fab on Cara because of her facial features just like your brows look good on you. Not everyone can pull of a masculine brow and not everyone likes them pencil thin, can we not just embrace our preferred or natural shape and leave it at that?

6) Reverse Washing
Yes it gives you volume but man this dries out my hair so badly! The whole point of conditioner is to leave the hair silky and soft and of course for extra hydration so a process that basically involves using conditioner then scrubbing it out of your hair just seems a bit mad?

7) Overdrawn Lips
I’m looking at you, yes you! You’re beautiful no matter what size your lips are and I really wish the media would stop going on about Kylie’s Lips. Personally my lips are what I would deem average but they look ridiculous if I over draw them! I love using makeup and if you like overdrawn lips that’s fine but remember that your self worth isn’t measured by how big your lips are, seriously.

8) Highlighter Kits
I love me some highlighter so don’t go thinking I hate it because I love it. But I have to say brands keep bringing out the same highlighter kits and it’s boring! There’s always a pale pink shade, a gold shade and a bronze shade and there’s barely any differentiation plus I’ve lost count of how many Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits actually exist now. I love highlighters but come on brands be a bit more inventive please?

9) Baking and Sandbagging
Powdering your face and leaving it to set then removing the powder…it just seems messy and long-winded. When I’m applying my makeup at six thirty I care about it looking okay and hopefully lasting but I don’t have time for this! I’m not knocking those who do this if it works for you go ahead but again it seems like another Kardashian trend that I really don’t need in my routine.

10) False Lashes
I can’t apply them well, I can’t see properly out of them and they’re a bit OTT for everyday. False Lashes have been around for ages and whilst I’m sure there’s plenty of people who love them I just can’t be bothered that’s what mascara is for! Plus, who wants to end up with one stuck to their cheek or falling in a friend’s drink?

So there we have it, the beauty fads I’m over I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button and let me know in the comments what trends you’re over!

Thanks for reading!


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