Lush Bunch of Carrots Bubblebar Review

I’ve never managed to try any of Lush’s seasonal stuff (except Lovers Lamp) because it always seems to be out of stock by the time I get there but I was in Lush and I came across the Bunch of Carrots Bubblebar, here’s my thoughts.
The Lush Bunch of Carrots Bubblebar includes three scented carrots that you can swirl in your bathwater for scent, foam and colours. This is one of the priciest bubblebars at £6.50 however, Lush claim that you can get 20 uses out of the carrots.

Lush describe Bunch of Carrots as the following:
Whatever the root cause of your worries, wash them away with oodles of citrusy suds. Swish and swash this heritage bunch of bubble-makers for a mood-brightening soak full of Sicilian lemon, bergamot and buchu oils, and when you’re done pop it somewhere dry and safe ready to use again and again. Now, that’s the kind of veg you can really carrot about!

Although the main ingredients for all three carrots appears to be the same, I’ve noticed that each carrot smells slightly different. The pink carrot is the sweetest sharing it’s scent with the likes of Creamy Candy and Snow Fairy, then the purple carrot smells more florally and reminds me of something like Sex Bomb. Finally, the orange carrot is the zestiest and is very citrusy, it reminds me of Brightside.

The downside to these is the formula, I did try the whole stirring thing and struggled to get much foam and colour, in the end I broke the carrot up however, unlike other bubblebars these do not crumble easily! I had to rub these between my hands and they struggled to dissolve in the water leaving crumbly pieces at the bottom of my bath so do bear that in mind, the texture of these is hard compared to other bubblebars.

Of course the feeling is still wonderful, with these you are treated to scent, foam and colours plus the usual moisturising film that comes with using Lush products. Of course I have to include pictures of the results…

Overall, these are nice I just wish that the formula was more crumbly and less hard. I would recommend these if you like the magic wand and the pink flamingo bubblebars, whilst I wouldn’t say that you can get 20 uses out of these but they are nice as a treat!

The Lush Bunch of Carrots Bubblebar is available here for £6.50.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried the Bunch of Carrots Bubblebar and if there’s any seasonal Lush products that I need to get, I really want to try Candy Mountain when Christmas rolls round!

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2 Responses to Lush Bunch of Carrots Bubblebar Review

  1. stashy says:

    These are so fun for Easter time! Too bad the formula wasn’t crumbly like you prefer. I do with there was more foam.

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