Tangle Teezer The Original Review

I’ve gone on and on about trying the Tangle Teezer and I think it is quite possibly one of the most raved about brushes so it only made sense for me finally give it a whirl. I have the Original Tangle Teezer because what better way to test a product that go for the original version? Here’s my thoughts.

Starting with the price this retails for £10.99 in Boots so I would consider this to be mid-range to high end because let’s face it who spends more than twenty pounds on a hairbrush unless you’re a celebrity or a hairdresser?

The design of this is quite unusual, the original version is very compact designed to fit into the palm of your hand, I will admit that I do think that this is a tad gimmicky. The Original Version comes in a plastic box but it has no cover so I feel that this would easily get grubby in my handbag, I also find that the lack of a handle makes this harder to control that a regular brush – something which I’ve seen a few people mention as it’s easy the accidentally throw this at someone when using it.

The creation of this brush is quite interesting, it was created by Shaun Pulfrey who wanted to create a high quality detangling brush that would work as well for people at home than in the salon. This actually was taken to Dragons Den however, the concept was rejected by the dragons, something I’m sure that they regret now it’s become so popular.

The bristles are made of a flexible plastic they seem wider than a typical brush but there’s a lot of bristles designed to detangle anything. My hair naturally is thin but very wavy so it does tangle easily, I also tested this on my boyfriend who has thick curly hair and I tested it on our hair wet and dry. I did find that this really does glide through the hair and detangle very easily. In the past we’ve both used detangling sprays to ease the brushing process after a bath or shower but this brushed through the tangles easily without snagging or tearing the hair.

I do use this on dry hair as well but my hair is shorter now so it doesn’t tangle as easily. As someone who has quite thin hair I don’t feel that I need a brush as powerful as the Tangle Teezer and whilst this does get rid of knots and tangles I do feel that it is a little rough for my hair – it definitely worked wonders on the boyfriend though. I find that with this I prefer to use it on wet hair as it deals with any knots instantly whereas on dry hair I can get away with something a little lighter.

Overall, I do think that it is a good brush but it depends on your hairtype, if like me you have very thin and shiny hair then I don’t think that you need this but for thicker hair that is prone to nests of knots I can see why this is so popular. Personally, I wouldn’t repurchase this for myself but I do think that it’s nice to have if you do have hair that is difficult to manage so I would recommend it to anyone with tangle-prone hair.

The Tangle Teezer is available here for £10.99.

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2 Responses to Tangle Teezer The Original Review

  1. stashy says:

    I have thick hair and I bend the bristles on this! 😳 I don’t often brush my hair… I just run my fingers through it in the shower and it’s pretty much tangle-free.

    • The bristles do feel very bendy but that could be to prevent snagging? My hair’s very thin so I don’t need to rely on this it works for my boyfriend though! 🙂 xx

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