Impulse Romantic Spark Bodyspray Review

I’m a huge fan of bodysprays, not only did I use them tons throughout my teenage years but I still carry one in my bag with me whenever I’m out just because they’re great for freshening up on the go. I actually didn’t plan on picking this one up it really was an impulse buy (ha) I was sick a while ago when I was out and wanted to freshen up ASAP so I picked this up, thankfully it’s a nice scent that I’ve continued to use, here’s my thoughts.

Like all Impulse sprays this is a simple can of fragrance, this is available in most stores such as Boots, Superdrug and even supermarkets and retails for between £1.00 and £1.99. If you are keen on trying this I’d get it sooner rather than later as the Boots website is out of stock and says it won’t be replenished so I’m assuming it’s getting discontinued, waaa!

The scent is described as the following:
Romantic spark violet & white wood body fragrance. Finally, romance has the scent it has always dreamt of having. Thrillingly-floral, poetically-feminine, passionate and inspiring.

Typically, I’m not one for floral scents but this is quite nice, it also contains white musk which again is not a scent I’m typically fond of but this manages to create a sweet floral scent that isn’t too sickly or dated.

Violets are the main note of this and can be smelled throughout the duration of wearing this so if you’re not a fan of violet scents then you probably won’t like this. Unlike a lot of fruity, sweet body sprays this feels a tad more sophisticated and offers a sweet, powdery scent.

I find that this doesn’t wear all day with it being a body spray rather than a perfume however, the scent does cling to my clothes and manages to provide something over the duration of the day. The spray initially does smell quite strong but quickly dries down into a softer scent that I think is lovely for early spring.

Overall, this isn’t my favourite bodyspray but the scent is surprisingly nice, as someone who isn’t a fan of powdery or floral scents I didn’t think I’d like this but the must and vanilla translate well to create something that reminds me of sweets without being too dated. I would use it again and recommend it to fans of violets (especially Parma Violet sweets), I don’t think I would repurchase whilst it’s nice there are other scents I do prefer.

The Impulse Romantic Spark Bodyspray is available here for £1.75.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button. Also, if you use body sprays I’d be keen to know your favourites I still love Charlie Pink and my favourites growing up were Charlie Pink, So…? Superstar and So…? Daring which has been discontinued but I loved!

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