Colour Block Nail Art Tutorial

Colour blocking is a simple concept yet one that I really think can add something special to an outfit or look, you’ve heard the quote “It’s all about the details” right? Today, I’ve created a simply colour blocking nail art tutorial that I think is perfect for spring, of course you can switch the colours or the design up yourself so I hope that you like it!

You Will Need:
Tape (I highly recommend using masking/scotch tape over sellotape it works so much better!)
Two nail polishes of contrasting colours (I used Maybelline Uptown Blue and Surreal)
Black thin tipped polish or nail art pen.
Top and base coats of your choice.

Step One:

After applying your base coat take your lighter coloured polish and paint the entire nail with it and allow to dry.

Step Two:

Cut a long section of tape and then cut in half horizontally. If you insist on using Sellotape then touch it a lot to prevent it being too sticky, you want the tape to hold slightly to the nail but if it’s too sticky it will lift up the polish and base coat as I found out the first time I tried this!

Step Three:

Lay the tape diagonally across the nail leaving a smaller section at the top and a larger section underneath like so.  You don’t have to have it going this way you can switch it up how you like but this is how I did it.

Step Four:

Take your darker colour of polish and paint the area that is uncovered by the tape and then allow to dry fully. Once this has dried very gently ease the tape off of the nail to find your design halfway complete.

Step Five:

Repeat the last two steps at the bottom of the nail using your black polish/nail art pen to fill in. If you also want to feel free to line between the colour block to emphasise it. Once this is dry add your top coat and you’re finished!

That concludes this tutorial, if you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments if you like the colour blocking trend and if you’ll be trying this nail art design.

Thanks for reading!


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2 Responses to Colour Block Nail Art Tutorial

  1. stashy says:

    Looks very MOD! And so simple to do – you can create so many nail looks just with tape!

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