Benefit Ready Set Brow Brow Gel Review

I’ve been lucky enough to try a few of the Benefit eyebrow products now (thanks to all of the magazine freebies) and Ready Set Brow was something that I was particularly intrigued by since I enjoyed using Gimme Brow so much. I will say that my hair is quite fine and soft so brow gel isn’t a must in my routine but I’ve had fun testing this over the past week so here’s my thoughts.

Ready Set Brow is a clear brow gel, it’s one of those products that is timeless and will work for everyone in the fact that it’s not tinted and groomed brows are still very popular. I have a deluxe sample size that I got in a magazine but the full size is £20.00 and is what I would consider high end.

Benefit describe this product as the following:
Shape, seal and set brows in place all day with ready, set, BROW clear eyebrow gel. Benefit’s taming eyebrow gel comes with a custom-molded wand to catch all brow hairs, while the flexible, flake-free formula locks on makeup for 24* budge-proof hours!

(Left: wand from front few. Right: wand viewed from the side.

What I think is the most notable thing about this product is the wand, the wand is actually a flat wand rather that the usual small tapered wand which I find quite interesting. The wand is quite flexible allowing you to control your application. I do find the wand to be quite large, if big, bold brows are your thing then this will ease the application but for thinner brows like mine I find that I have to use this on it’s side or use the tip so that is worth bearing in mind.

The formula doesn;t stand out to me as anything groundbreaking, it does deliver on the majority of the claims in the fact that it does hold the brows in place and is great for sealing the brows into place but I didn’t notice anything significant about this, I do think that my thoughts are slightly skewed because I don’t have unruly, messy brows but I’m not sure if this provides 24 hour hold. I did notice that this didn’t seem to flake or turn my brows crispy though which is always good.

Overall, I feel that this quite an average product for me it doesn’t stand out enough to warrant the price tag and I do prefer Gimme Brow as it is tinted. I think the next brow gel I want to try is the one by Essence you guys have recommended that to me plus it has great reviewed so I’m keen to try it out, personally I wouldn’t repurchase this and there’s plenty of clear brow gels out there that are much cheaper so I’m hesitant to recommend.

The Benefit Ready Set Brow Brow Gel is available here for £20.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know if you have tried anything from Benefit’s brow range, I really want to try the Precisely My Brow and the Ka Brow as I love pencils and pomades.

Thanks for reading!


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