Dermo28 Eye Complex Review

Although I’m not the target audience for anti-ageing products, I am now in my early twenties and if I can find products that promise to delay the aging process then I’m more than happy to use them. I hadn’t actually heard of italian skincare brand Dermo28 until they were giving away free samples of some of their products and I managed to get my hands on some. I’ve been trialing the Eye Complex over the past week, here’s my thoughts.

I was quite surprised at the packaging of these samples, considering they were being given away for free on their website I expected a small sachet in the post but instead received a handful of sachets all packaged in this pretty pink, white and black envelope which I think is super cute. I do have a sample sachet of the Eye Complex however, the full size retails for £54.00 which is very expensive!

Dermo28 describe the Eye Complex as the following:
A fantastic wakening for your eyes. This specific fresh eye treatment quickly lifts, hydrates and depuffs, guaranteeing an anti-ageing effect. It gives a feeling of freshness to awake your eye area. It firms and smooths. It relaxes under eye bags and puffiness.

In terms of the product claims I think that these claims are quite bold. They are the type of things that I look for with eye products I mean who doesn’t want something that will hydrate and depuff? (If it can banish those dark circles then all the better).

In terms of the scent and texture this product was quite plain, it doesn’t smell of anything at all and the texture is clear and remniscent of a facial serum. Applying this under my eyes initally felt fine however, this then left the strangest feeling under my eyes.

There was a tightening sensation that I experienced, it wasn’t painful or like an allergic reaction but my eyes felt as if ‘d poured PVA gle underneath them in the fact that the skin almost felt stiff to the touch. When I touched my undereyes they felt fine but the firming sensation was incredibly strange and wasn’t one that I particularly liked.

Although I would say that this left my undereyes feeling smoother it didn’t do anything for my fine lines so I don’t really think that this product works, surely if it can’t deal with fine lines then it’s going to be ineffective for actual wrinkles? I wouldn’t say that my eyes felt fresher but they did look wider and more aware so this isn’t bad for dealing with tired eyes but the rest of the product claims I feel are not met with this, my eyes certainly didn’t feel relaxed they felt the opposite!

I’ve not experienced a product like this before but personally I’m not a fan, whilst this wasn’t horrific and it didn’t cause any irritation I found the sensation to be very strange and not something that I particularly liked, I felt much better when I wiped it away and my eyes felt normal again. In my honest opinion I think this is very expensive and doesn’t actually deliver on it’s product claims so I wouldn’t recommend this or repurchase this, for my eye area I prefer something that is gentler and doesn’t make the skin feel taut.

The Dermo28 Eye Complex is available here for £54.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you like to use eye treatments and if so which ones you like to use, how would you feel about a product that feels like it’s tightening the skin?

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