Salcura Bioskin Zeoderm Repair Moisturiser Review

As someone with sensitive combination skin that leans to the drier side, finding skincare that works for me can be a struggle. Add in additional dryness caused by winter winds and cold damp hair and my skin can be left feeling tight, sore and dry. Salcura isn’t a brand that I’d heard of until they were giving away free samples of the Zeoderm Moisturiser, today I’ll be reviewing this moisturiser and talking about the rest of Salcura’s products.

I have a sample sachet of the Bioskin Zeoderm Moisturiser, this is available in three sizes  with prices starting at £4.99 and reaching £19.99. Unlike usual steroid creams which have to be used sparingly, the Bioskin Zeoderm Moisturiser aims to moisturise the skin reducing redness and inflammation without causing further irritation. This particular moisturiser claims to be aimed at Eczema prone skin with the wider brand working to treat skin complaints for a variety of conditions including Eczema and Psoriasis.

Salcura was founded by Dr Martin Schiele who is a biomedical research scientist. He researched into natural ingredient formulations and found that natural ingredients could calm and heal the skin. Offering a wide range of products that claim to aid with acne, suncare, fungal infections, stretch marks and skin conditions, Salcura products use a variety of natural ingredients to soothe the skin.

The Bioskin Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser is described as the following:
” Bioskin Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser is a natural skin therapy product for those prone to more severe cases of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, urticaria and dry skin conditions. Zeoderm is 99% natural and contains no steroids or harsh chemicals that will further irritate sensitive skins.

The product has a thicker formula that has a pleasant scent of sweet lemons, to me this reminds me of lemon curd in both the texture and the scent. When I applied this to my face I didn’t notice any irritation, tingling or sensitivity. This did feel rather gloopy on the skin however, it did sink into the skin without leaving any residue behind.

Although I don’t have Eczema on my face this moisturised my skin and didn’t leave my skin feeling overly greasy. One thing I would point out is that this isn’t something that I’d use everyday, at the moment my skin is on the oilier side and whilst this didn’t break me out it does feel quite rich and heavy for daily use, I personally think that this would be great for those with incredibly dry skin especially if you suffer with visible patches.

Overall, this isn’t a product that looks aesthetically pleasing however, it did seem to work. The real test would be to put this directly onto my skin when I am having a flare up, but lately my skin is on the oilier side. I am pleased to say that this didn’t irritate or cause any soreness, itchiness, redness or tightness so I could see myself using this more when my skin feels inflamed. I’m not sure if I’d rush out to repurchase this and I’m cautious to recommend this just in case it did irritate anyone (I’m not a dermatologist or doctor) however, if you are looking for something that is richer than the average cream and won’t irritate your skin then I’d give this a try.

The Salcura Bioskin Zenderm Skin Repairing Moisturiser is available here with prices starting at £4.99.

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