Impulse Be Surprised Body Spray Review

It’s not often that I review a bodyspray but it’s something that I’d like to do more for several reasons. Although I do use perfume, body sprays are much more budget friendly and I’m pretty sure that we’ve all used one at least at some point. I also love bodysprays because unlike glass perfume bottles these are easy to throw in your bag and use on the go. Be Surprised was given to me a while ago and I’ve recently used it up so I thought it was high time for a review!
Impulse Be Surprised comes in this beautiful silvered white, blue and pink can that reminds me of spring and summer! This retails for £1.99 for 75ml of product so very budget friendly and great for topping up on the go.

Although the specific notes are not included this is described by Impulse as an oriental fragrance with Violets and Red Fruits. Violets tend to have a very powdery scent however, this isn’t heavy with the use of violets, instead the red fruits take prominence with the violets adding a sweetness to prevent the scent from being to tart.

Personally, I think of a fruity sweet scent when I think of this, it’s not too cloying and I used up the bottle quite quickly. I find that body sprays do tend to fade throughout the day however, this stayed for a good few hours and when I sprayed it on my clothes it lasted even longer.

Overall, I quite like this, it’s affordable, convenient and smells great what more could I ask for? I’d be interested to see if Impulse roll out fragrances like So…? has but in the meantime I would repurchase and recommend this.

The Impulse Be Surprised Body Spray is available here for £1.99.

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Thanks for reading!

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