Candle Wishlist #2

You can’t beat a good scented candle and thankfully I’ve tried tons of lovely ones. Despite all the candles I’ve tried and fallen in love with there’s always new flavours and new brands to discover and so I’m put together a little wishlist of all the candles that I’d like to try.
1) Lily Flame Apple Scented Candle £8.95 (Lily Flame)
I’m yet to try Lily Flame but how adorable is the packaging! Not only that but the flavours sound delightful. This one claims to smell like fresh orchard apples, do I want my house to smell like that? Of course I do! I think the other half would enjoy this too as he loves apples.

2) Lily Flame Coffee Galore Scented Candle £8.95 (Lily Flame)
Although I’m primarily a tea drinker, if I want a treat then you can’t beat an iced coffee especially a caramel flavoured one! I also adore the scent of coffee so this candle sounds right up my street. Described as having a scent of “Warm and Welcoming freshly roasted coffee” I imagine that this candle would be exactly that; warm and welcoming.

3) Lily Flame Crushed Almonds Scented Candle £8.95 (Lily Flame)
One of my favourite nuts has to be almond (if you can even class them as nuts), I once had a Body Shop Almond Body Butter and I adored it, it smelled exactly like Bakewell Tarts so I can imagine this being the same. Sweet and homely I think this would be a great candle for the living room.

4) Urban Apothecary Carrot Cake Luxury Candle £15.00 (Boots)
I’d never heard of Urban Apothecary until I stumbled across them in Boots and boy do the candles smell delicious! If you’re a fan of foodie scents then you’ll love these, with offerings including Custard Creams, Chocolate Brownie and Lemon Meringue these smell exactly like the treats. As a fan of cake, it was the Carrot Cake that really drew me in to this brand.

6) Woodwick Cafe Sweet Treats Large Trilogy Candle £25.99 (Love Aroma)
I currently have a Woodwick Trilogy Candle on the go and it’s amazing. The scent is delicious and melds into the next layer of the candle, the wick is wooden and crackles like a real fire and the throw and burn time is unparalleled. I’ve not yet purchased the Cafe Sweet Treats (it wasn’t in stock when I was purchasing) but I’ve smelled this before and it’s absolutely delicious.

7) Woodwick Wild Berry Smoothie Large Trilogy Candle £25.99 (Boots)
I adore fruity scents yet I had no idea that Woodwick also had a Wild Berry Smoothie scented candle. As someone who loves to eat berries in the summer and who is an absolute smoothie fiend this sounds right up my street. The three layers include Dreamsicle Daydream, Strawberry Parfait and Marionberry – excuse my whilst I wipe away my drool.

8) Yankee Candle Cherry Blossom Votive Candle £1.99 (Yankee Candle)
I’m not typically a fan of floral scents but I adore Cherry Blossom so I really want to try this. I imagine this having a soft floral scent with a slight freshness to it and let’s be honest blossom is the epitome of spring. Just in case I’d go for a votive to try it out before buying a larger size.

9) Yankee Candle Macaron Treats £1.99 (Yankee Candle)
I’ve never even tried a Macaron but I can’t deny that they look delicious and have the cute factor. Again I’d pick this up in a votive size to try first, it sounds delicious but sweet scents can easily become sickly if not done properly.

10) Yankee Candle Passionfruit Martini £1.99 (Yankee Candle)
Whilst I don’t like the taste of pure passionfruit I love the smell of it and I love drinking passionfruit flavoured smoothies so I think I’d get on with this! Again I’d pick up a votive, this is because I thought that the Mango Peach Salsa scent would be good but it was very artificial so I’d need to try before buying a larger size.

That concludes this post, I don’t know about you but this post has made me quite hungry, plus I definitely need to plan a candle shopping trip! If you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments which candles you really want to try.

Thanks for reading!


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