Hair update (and why change doesn’t have to be scary)

I’m writing this in advance so by the time that you’re reading this I’ll have started my new job yesterday! Today’s post is going to be a little bit of a ramble and that’s because I’m going to be giving you an update on my new hair and why I chose to change it.
before hair-update
I’ve always opted for medium to long hair, I always felt more feminine whenever I had longer hair and as someone who gets bored easily with my hair I could try a range of hairstyles andconstantly change it up. In truth, I think a lot of my change stemmed from insecurities, growing up I was never fully comfortable with myself I constantly changed the way I looked to try and make myself feel better.

Naturally, my hair is very fine it does always look shiny and glossy which is definitely a positive but it can also look very flat and I get a lot of static, flyaways are my constant bug bear and I’d find myself using hairspray every day to try and keep it looking tidy.

Partially due to laziness, and partially due to my hair woes I found that even though I had long hair I’d never wear it down. If I straightened it into submission the slightest amount of humidity would cause it to frizz, if I left it naturally wavy I’d need to use a lot of products to make it look semi-decent, over time I found myself constantly shoving it up and dousing it in hairspray to keep it into place. There’s nothing wrong with a good messy bun but that became my daily hairstyle and I started to feel unconfident and unhappy.

Coming into 2017 I wanted to instill a few changes nothing like the whole ‘new year new me’ but I wanted to change my lifestyle. I’d struggled with unemployment after losing my job suddenly and 2016 was a bad year for me. After a wonderful festive period I came into 2017 feeling much more positive, I felt happier, more confident and more optimistic and in February I was offered a job!

Starting a new job is always nerve wracking but I also saw it as an opportunity to start afresh and what better way to mark a fresh start than with a new haircut? I actually used Pinterest a lot and pinned lots of hair inspiration, I decided that I wanted something shorter that was easier to manage, tidier and more practical. Now that I no longer dye my hair, it’s much healthier so I wanted a hairstyle that would really show off my hair. I will admit, as much as I wish I could pull off something like a pixie cut my face is oval shaped so anything too short makes my head look like a football. After much deliberation and a lovely discussion with my hairdresser, I decided to go for a long bob…and I love it!
hair side
I wanted to keep my side parting but didn’t want a heavy side fringe, I also decided that I wanted to go for a long bob that was angled and at the back I wanted it to be the sae length rather than stepped in. My hairdresser really listened to what I had to say and looked at the pictures I’d brought with me and here is the end result! Already I feel much more confident, the amount of time it takes to style my hair has been reduced from an hour to around ten minutes and it feels so much lighter. It just goes to show that change doesn’t always have to be scary and that a haircut always makes you feel more confident.

I can’t wait to see how the rest of 2017 pans out because so far, that past couple of months have been fantastic!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have changed anything in your life recently and how it has made you feel.

Thanks for reading!


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