Brands I Won’t Use and Why #2

I’ve tried countless beauty brands and whilst the majority of them I have loved there are a select few that I just do not want to use. This could be due to bad products, a bad reputation or simply a bad experience but nevertheless I won’t use them. If you missed my last post on brands I won’t use you can find that here and here is another ten brands I won’t use and why.
1) Almay
Almay has a hell of a lot of bad reviews online and whilst I’ve not tried many of their products what I have tried I didn’t like. The main culprit for me was their Smart Shade foundation which was a strange grey colour, smelled like fish and paint stripped and literally turned orange on my skin. I actually ended up binning this product and I’ve avoided the brand ever since.

2) Beauty Pie
Despite plenty of raving reviews I’m just not feeling it with this brand. I’ve not tried the products of experienced their customer service so with this brand it’s nothing personal but I dislike the way the brand is set up. I don’t typically sign up to things where I have to pay a monthly fee then buy the products as well and when you work it out it’s a lot of money. I feel like a lot of impressionable young girls will try this brand because of the hype and will end up losing more money than they realised, I wish the brand just sold products on their website like every other brand.

3) Constance Carroll
When I was a teenager I had very little money so my makeup came from wholesale and market stalls and one brand I used was Constance Carroll. Literally the products from this brand suck, think rock hard powders with no pigment, watery foundations that move around and cling to dry patches but don’t cover anything and hard eyeliners and you can imagine the rest, not a brand I’ll ever use again.

4) Jeffree Star
I’ve never mentioned anything about Jeffree Star but I cannot abide by his hatred. I really cannot see past his racist and horrific comments against women of colour, he’s come out with things that are racist, his products had zero quality control, with excessive scandals and him being downright abusive to customers on social media I refuse to spend a single penny on any of his products. I may be missing out and I’ll be honest some of the products look nice but I refuse to support someone who attacks people so maliciously – he goes against everything I believe in.

5) Kardashian Beauty
I remember seeing this brand on one of those beauty websites (Feel Unique or Beauty Bay or something like that) and I held off buying, thank god I did because a video by Tati shows how horrendous the products are. I’m not a fan of the Kardashians anyway (I don’t hate them I just don’t understand why they are famous either) but from what I’ve heard the products are worth avoiding.

6) Kylie Cosmetics
Another brand I won’t use is Kylie Cosmetics, in addition to ridiculous custom charges I’ve seen poor quality control and a lack of consistency across the products. From what I’ve heard from bloggers and the media Kylie herself is also quite arrogant, this brand might be a hit for some people but it’s not one I’m bothered about.

7) Laval
Similar to Constance Caroll this was another brand that I used as a teenager and again it was horrible. The pencil liner is tolerable but the liquid liners are patchy and watery and the foundation is just a greasy mess. Finally the pressed powder is literally like chalk, overall poor formulas and you could get better from MUA and Makeup Revolution if it’s budget beauty that you’re after.

8) Mica Beauty
Using pushy sales tactics (and selling in stalls in shopping centres) Mica Beauty has also gained a bad reputation. I tried a hand cream from them which was horrible, I also found the sales people pushy (literally grabbing my friend in Meadowhall to show her products) and there’s terrible reviews from their overpriced products online.

9) Stargazer
Another budget brand, Stargazer sells a lot of alternative looking beauty products but again they’re not great. Their foundation is literally white like paint but has a very thin and watery formula. Their UV paints remind me of poster paint and again there’s a lot of bad reviews online.

10) Younique
Finally is Younique, hands up if you’ve ever been approached by a Younique rep…(My hand is waving in the air right now). Younique is just a brand that seems to be laughed at by a lot of bloggers, the bloggers that have reviewed it primarily are consultants themselves so really everything is biased. To be honest the products look incredibly gimmicky and I thought we were past the whole door-to-door sales that was Avon once upon a time. I’ve not heard anything from Younique in a while now but it’s a brand that I’ll be avoiding as the reps just don’t have my trust.

So there we have it, the brands I won’t use and why, if you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments if there’s any brands that you won’t use and why I’d love to hear your thoughts! (And hopefully avoid other bad brands.)

Thanks for reading!

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3 Responses to Brands I Won’t Use and Why #2

  1. Sharmili R says:

    I totally agree with so many of these! Some of Jeffree Star’s products used to appeal to me but now I have no interest in trying his products because he seems like a terrible person. Did you hear about what happened with Z palette? I’m no longer going to be buying their products either :/

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  2. stashy says:

    Same about Jeffree Star – I have no interest in his products from the onset just because the colours aren’t my thing. But add to that, his awful personality, it’s easy for me to take a pass.
    The whole Kardashian and Kylie stuff – so meh. They’re so over-exposed everywhere. I just do not care about their lives at all.

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