Simply Argan Simply Argan Oil Review

When argan oil exploded into the beauty world it quickly became a beauty buzzword. I myself also fell in love with the moisturising properties of argan oil and tried both haircare and skincare containing this product. A while ago Simply Argan were giving away free samples of their Simply Argan Oil and I decided to give it a try. I believe this is a pure form so I was interested to see how this would work for my hair and skin.
escribing themselves as the “UK No 1 in Argan Oil and Argan Oil Products”, Simply Argan  produce a variety of argan oil products including their core product a “high quality, pure, organic, cold pressed (cosmetic grade) argan oil sourced from an Ecocert certfieid Moroccan supplier.”

According to the Simply Argan website argan oil varies with different batches and different sources. Following the founder’s trip to Morocco his wife was struggling with mosquito bites and the locals recommended using Argan Oil as a remedy. After the argan oil was effective the MD brought gifts back to his friends and family and quickly learned that it was hard to source argan oil in the UK.

Simply Argan now import argan oil sourced from a Moroccan supplier. In their own words “Every batch of argan oil imported is further tested and certified in a UK laboratory to ensure quality and purity and every bottle we sell is issued with a certificate of authenticity with details of the laboratory that tested it.”

With this sample I decided to give it a try on my face, nails and hair to see how it would be best to use this product. Starting with the product itself it has a very runny formula with a light scent, it was difficult to describe the scent but it didn’t smell like the usual argan oil products that I have used from other brands in the past which makes me wonder if I’ve used diluted products in the past.

I started by using this product on my face and I have to say I wasn’t a fan. This felt very heavy on the skin and left my skin quite tacky. My skin felt quite greasy for a good while after using this and I felt that this also blocked my pores so I don’t think that this is great to use as a serum.

On my nails this worked well as a cuticle oil, it was absorbed into my cuticles and it did moisturise them instantly and keep then nice and supple and hydrated. I also used a very small amount on my hair, although I didn’t try enough on my hair to give a full review, what I did use seemed to hydrate my hair without weighing it down.

Overall, this is a nice idea and I can see a lot of people getting use out of this as it is a multi-purpose product, for me though I didn’t see anything particularly magical so I was a little disappointed. I think argan oil is quite effective but it’s using it in conjunction with other ingredients that really makes it special.

The full range of argan oil from Simply Argan is available here with prices starting at £9.50.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried any argan oil products. I know that Tarte and Josie Maran do their own versions of different oil products (not only argan) so it would be interesting to hear if anyone had tried those.

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One Response to Simply Argan Simply Argan Oil Review

  1. stashy says:

    I agree, plain argan oil is nice – better than NOTHING – but to really reap the benefits, it’s better to combine with other oils like rosehip or jojoba.

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