Hair Inspiration #2

I’m hooked on Pinterest and I’m constantly finding beautiful inspiration for hair. From bridal do’s, to bold colours and even hair inspired by historical periods I’ve rounded up a variety of looks to inspire you for your own hair.
Disclaimer – These images are from Pinterest, I’m not sure on the original owners but I will link to where I found the image. Copyright and credit goes to all original owners.
1) Arctic Hair

I was never too enamoured with silver hair but the white silver teamed with these pastels creates the most incredible hair that reminds me of the arctic. The curls are beautiful but it’s the choice of colours and the positioning that really makes this hair stand out to me.

2) Electric Hair
What makes this hair so special is the use of different tones and highlights to create hair that is not only dimensional but also looks like it’s constantly shining in the light. Personally I think that this hair looks absolutely beautiful and the braid and accessory looks fantastic.

3) Elegant Bun
No flashy colour for this bun but the beautiful shape of the bun with the elegant framing strands looks stunning. I don’t think I need to say too much about this hairstyle, basically I wish my hair could look as fantastic.

4) Half Up Half Down
Again this doesn’t have bold colour but the elegance of the entire look really transforms this into something stunning. With plenty of lift and bouncing waves this hair frames the face perfectly and makes each feature look especially delicate.

5) Space Hair
I imagine that the glitter in this hairstyle makes the hair and scalp feel incredibly itchy but I have to admit it’s very unique. I’ve seen various galaxy themed hair styles but this is the first that has gone for these deep jewel tones and it works well.

6) Magenta Hair
I love the mermaid style curls with this hairstyle and the magenta colour is just stunning. I think that this will look particularly stunning in spring and summer teamed with flower crowns and braida.

7) Boho Style
This Boho style looks like it’s straight out of a fashion spread and it looks fantastic. The ombre and braids together encapsulates the shabby chic look and again this will be perfect for summer.

8) Shag Cut
What I love about this style is how it’s undone. This really has that messy “I woke up like this vibe” and paired with flawless makeup this would look so classy. Again I think this will be a great choice in spring and summer, the shorter style will be perfect in hot weather.

9) Tapered Curls
The slanted fringe looks incredibly stylish but I also like the tapered curls that adds plenty of volume without the typical bouncing waves. This looks incredibly polishes and perfect for daywear.

10) Viking Braids
I¬†stumbled across this Viking look and I’m obsessed! The metal beads teamed with the deep colour of the hair really adds a boho vibe to this look and it’s a completely new concept when it comes to braiding.

So there we have it, plenty of new hairstyles to drool over! If you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments which of these hairstyles you will be trying.

Thanks for reading!

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