Lush Big Bang Bubblebar Review

I have to say I’m a huge fan of the bubblebars from Lush, anything that smells great, looks pretty and moisturises my skin is a winner in my book and as a result I’ve become quite the Lush fan. Big Bang is a product that really intrigued me, not only does it smell fantastic but it looks incredible aesthetically, so I was excited to review it here’s my thoughts.
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Before I get started on the packaging I’d like to apologise for using a stock image. I actually keep my bath bombs in a plastic tub but I didn’t realise that water had splashed into the tub, when I got Big Bang out of the packet all of the colours had bled out leaving me with a mushy mess that I couldn’t photograph so apologies there!

In terms of the design there is a distinct space them going on, I think that the blue, yellow and pink work well together and as a result the product has a fun element to it. This is quite a large product so unlike the bath bombs you can get at least two uses out of this. Priced at £3.75 each I would say that the price is fair for the quality of the product. For those who are interested this is a vegan product according to All Things Lush and Lush are do not test on animals for their products.

Lush describe Big Bang as the following:
Start your evening with a bang, not a whimper, and treat yourself to a colourful bubble bath filled with softening avocado butter, zesty grapefruit oil and refreshing lemon myrtle oil. Simply crumble under running water, then lie back and think of the universe.”

With ingredients including tangerine oil, grapefruit oil and avocado butter we have a product that feels incredibly moisturising and uplifting. To me this smells quite like bubblegum which isn’t a scent that I usually like but actually it’s quite nice. I’ve also noticed that Lush products are not as potent once in the water so this does soften slightly to prevent it from being sickly.
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On photos online I do see more colourful bathwater from this product but as mentioned the colour bled out of mine which was a shame. I did get though these beautiful swirls and some bubbles which made me happy! The smell of this was still as beautiful as ever and I felt very moisturised afterwards.

Overall, I like Big Bang it’s easy to dismiss it when I think back to the colour of the water but that was my own fault! The scent and quality is definitely there and I think I’d have to repurchase this just to see how it looks when it doesn’t get a pre-dunk (oops.) If you do like sweet, comforting scents then I’d definitely recommend this.

The Lush Big Bang Bubblebar is available here for £3.75.

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