Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Review

When Benefit relaunched their brow range I remember everyone talking about it non-stop, I didn’t think I’d actually try any of the products but several magazine freebies later and I ended up with the Ready Set Brow, Gimme Brow and Goof Proof Brow Pencil. I quite like brow pencils and I switch between pencils and brow kits/pomades so I was intrigued by this new formula. Here’s my thoughts.
As this is the freebie it doesn’t come with the spoolie on the other end that the full sized product offers but this is still a generous size and it more than enough to really test the product. The packaging is something I’m not keen on if I’m honest I find that it looks quite tacky and the lid is a little impractical and OTT for me personally but that’s just me. I will say though that this is retractable which is very useful if you don’t have a sharpener to hand and there’s no product wastage. I have shade 6 which took some hunting down (I didn’t want the paler shade 2 that would have been far too light for me) this full size of this retails for £18.50 so it’s what I would consider high end.
Although this photo didn’t come out very well the tip of this is diamond shade which is very different to the usual rounded tips of the brow pencils that I’ve tried so I wasn’t sure if I would like this. You can use the edge to outline and the flatter surface to fill in the brows but personally I found this a faff. I also found that the product came out darker on the edges and softer in the middle which made it difficult for me to fill in my brows easily. A lot of people claim that this is good for those who fill in their brows quickly, but I prefer a more natural shape and I don’t tend to go for full block brows so I wasn’t a fan of this, I found it very hard to get natural looking brows with this.
You can see from the swatches that there’s a difference in the tone of the lines. Most of these are done with the flat surface which doesn’t give a lot of pigmentation, the darker lines are done with the edge of the tip and there’s a huge difference in payoff. I find the darker lines to me too dark for me and the lighter lines too soft so I find this tricky to work with. I do have the shade 6 which is the darkest shade so I think if I bought this for myself I’d probably go shade 5.
brows-before after
(Left: Brows before. Right: Brows after using the product)
The formula itself is not too bad, it’s not too waxy and it’s not too creamy, it is more on the creamy side which means you can smudge it but this could affect the longevity of the product. Although this isn’t the worst brow product I’ve tried for the price I just expected it to work a lot better. I feel that this is very tailored to those who like very dark, very bold, brows and if you prefer something a little more subtle it’s not easy to get that look with this.

Overall, this isn’t terrible but it’s not for me, I’d be interested to try the Precisely My Brow as I think that would be the sort of product I’d use judging by the reviews but in terms of Goof Proof I do disagree I think it would be very easy for beginners to overfill in their brows with this, if you do like the diamond tip though you might get on with this better than me. Personally I’d recommend this to those who like very bold brows but I wouldn’t repurchase this myself.

The Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil is available here for £18.50.

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